Samp: transfer, Lazard is there and the BoD “calls” Ferrero –

On one side Lazard, on the other the Ferreros, in the middle the board of directors of Sampdoria. The president Marco Lanna, the deputy Antonio Romei and the directors Gianni Panconi and Alberto Bosco met in Milan, in the headquarters of the investment bank in charge of finding buyers for the club in the summer, in the presence of the directors of the institute and the custodian Gianluca Vidal. The choice of headquarters was functional to a hoped-for acceleration of the work of the Lazard Bank, in charge of finding a serious and solid buyer for the club, but the summary statement from the management opens up a clear dialectical front with the owners, convened for 14 December in shareholders’ meeting.

Regarding the negotiations aimed at the change of ownership, no news has emerged on the Middle Eastern side, which is still lacking in terms of the concrete acts necessary to talk about actual negotiations. The “seven, maximum ten days to reach a conclusion” had been set by Vidal himself last October 30, in a statement to clubdoria46 as a reasonable time to pass. We are now on November 18th and no one’s declaration can make up for the persistent lack of unfailing economic guarantees, in short, money, repeatedly given “on the go” or reclaimed “within 48 hours”, the latter affirmation dated October 10th.

Today, the directors and Vidal himself therefore preferred to focus their attention on the activity report provided to them by the managers of Lazard, which according to the official release of Corte Lambruschini was “an update to the club’s sales process”.

The Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors of Sampdoria have thus been informed of the ongoing negotiations“which are covered by the maximum confidentiality required by the interlocutors. The information on the sales process – the note insists – are covered by confidentiality constraints until they are also formalized to the Board of Directors”.

The most interesting news concerns the shareholders’ meeting, essentially Vanessa and Giorgio Ferrero, Massimo’s daughter and granddaughter, which according to the club’s note will be convened on 14 December. It is not unlikely, in the absence of obligations, that the agenda is inspired by the same criterion adopted in the transfer chapter: that is, distinguishing concrete facts from free words, the rules of the civil code from verbal tirades. The former president’s latest statements may have aroused logical astonishment, as well as being counterproductive for the fate of a company whose chances of survival are directly proportional to the times of definitive separation from the current ownership. At the center of the shareholders’ meeting, there could thus be the curiosity of the president and the directors to know with what resources, i.e. injections of fresh money, the Viperetta can get the economic and competitive situation back on track, among other things “buying six players”. In the event of concrete evidence, the first to be comforted would be the Lannas themselves and their advisers.

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Samp: transfer, Lazard is there and the BoD “calls” Ferrero –

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