Serie A, Juve-Lazio 3-0: double by Kean, Allegri third

At the Stadium the bianconeri collect their sixth victory in a row and gain ground in the standings. Milik also scored

There Juve collects the sixth victory in a row and climbs the rankings before the stop for the World Cup. In the postponement that closes the 15th day of Serie A, the team of Allegri beats Lazio 3-0bypasses the Biancocelesti and goes to third place at 31 points. At the Stadium it is Moise Kean the great protagonist of the match with a shotgun. At the end of a balanced first half, the Juventus number 18 unlocks the game with a perfect vertical assist by Rabiotthen in the second half it is repeated by reiterating on the net a short rejection of Provedel on a claim of Kostic. At the end Milik signs the trio.

Juve responds present and closes 2022 in an unexpected way given the uncertain start of the season and the bad progress in the Champions League. Thanks to the trio given to a slightly off Lazio, Allegri’s men take home their sixth consecutive victory by keeping the clean sheet and placed themselves behind Milan and Naples. Of course, at -10 from the top, the gap with Spalletti’s band is important, but after the World Cup another championship will begin and in the wake of the enthusiasm and the results the Bianconeri could also surprise everyone and blow the bank. Provided that Napoli slows down, of course, and that Vlahovic, Di Maria, Chiesa and Pogba return to full capacity. Crucial pawns to continue to aim high together with those who pulled the cart in this complicated period such as Milik, Fagioli, Rabiot and Kean, author of a great double against Lazio and man image of this Juventus recovery in the standings. All with some more certainty on the form and also more rhythm and intensity in the legs. Perhaps Juve’s real step forward in the last game of the year that seems to indicate the way forward to attempt the impossible from January onwards.

With Vlahovic still unavailable, for the direct clash with Lazio Allegri confirms the tandem Milik-Kean in attack and in defense Piazza Gatti in place of Bonucci. Without Immobile, Zaccagni and Lazzari, Sarri instead in front gives confidence to the baby-Romero and supports him with Felipe Anderson and Pedro. At a good pace, the teams immediately try to play the match and face each other openly, focusing on high pressure and on restarts. The first ring comes from a foray by Kean, but his diagonal ends wide. Then Szczesny comes out well on a verticalization of Milinkovic-Savic for Romero, Provedel blocks a left by Fagioli after a good insertion by Kostic and Milik close to the lead with a great play. On the one hand, Lazio maneuver in size and try to take advantage of the dribble to get the Juventus defense out, create superiority and free up space. On the other hand, Juve does density centrally, closes the passing lines well and as soon as he recovers the ball he pushes with the outside players or looks for the tips in depth. Tactical theme that at the end of the first half brings Juve ahead. To unlock the game Kean thinks with a lob from outside the area on Provedel at the exit, but it all comes from a ball recovered by Rabiot in the median on Milikovic-Savic and from a perfect throw of the Frenchman vertically. Shot that breaks the balance and blows up the stadium.

The recovery begins with Lazio higher and more aggressive, but it is Juve to become more dangerous and to sink the blow again with cynicism and “malice”. Freed in the area, Milik commits Provedel to the near post, then steals the ball from Cataldi in the median and triggers the action of 2-0 concretized again by Kean after a short block by Provedel on a left by Kostic. Doubling that triggers the swirl of changes. Sarri removes Cataldi, Basic, Romero and Hysaj and brings in Vecino, Luis Alberto, Cancellieri and Gila. Allegri, on the other hand, removes Kean and Kostic and relies on Di Maria and Chiesa to make the team better dribble. Moves that on the one hand give Lazio more push, but that do not change the tactical theme of the match. With Juve under pressure and aggressive, in fact, the most dangerous actions still develop almost all of the parts of Provedel, forced to deal with the thrust of Cuadrado and Chiesa and with the desire to score Milik, excellent in the first pressure for everything the match and author of the trio in the final. Goal that together with the last desperate attempts of Vecino and Felipe Anderson closes the match and launches Juve in third place.

Kean 7.5:
runs, fights and stretches the team by exploiting his physicality in the open field. He unlocks the match coldly in front of Provedel, then doubles the score by being in the right place at the right time. Great shotgun
Rabiot 7: presses and balances in the median, dictating the times with elegance and giving verticality to the maneuver. Excellent assist for Kean who breaks the balance
Kostic 7: pushes and accompanies the maneuver, often giving a decisive outlet to the Juventus game in the restart. The doubling comes from a shot of him, but it is not the only good play of the match
Milik 7: a lot of dirty work to clean up the balls and immediately press the first carriers. In the end he puts his signature on the net by sending the assist from Chiesa
Milinkovic-Savic 5: less lucid than usual in the median. The usual physicality is there, but the lost ball with Rabiot from which the 1-0 arrives weighs on the result and on the performance
Felipe Anderson 5.5: Lazio dribbled well and dominated possession in the first half, but had little presence in the area up front and didn’t even break through technically. It’s not a false nine, even if Szczesny is involved in the final
Farmhouse 5: is placed on Kean but struggles a lot in marking and duels in the open field. The brace of the Juventus number 18 speaks for itself

Juventus (3-5-2):
Szczesny 6.5; Gatti 6.5, Bremer 6.5, Danilo 6.5; Cuadrado 6.5, Beans 6.5, Locatelli 6.5 (40 ‘st Paredes sv), Rabiot 7, Kostic 7 (20’ st Chiesa 6.5); Kean 7,5 (16 ‘st Di Maria 6), Milik 7.
Available: Pinsoglio, Scaglia, Bonucci, Rugani, Barbieri, Miretti, Soulè. All .: Merry 7
Lazio (4-3-3): Provedel 5.5; Hysaj 5.5 (24 ‘st Gila), Casale 5, Romagnoli 5.5, Marusic 5; Milinkovic-Savic 5 (33 ‘st Marcos Antonio sv), Cataldi 5.5 (14’ st Vecino 6), Basic 6 (14 ‘st Luis Alberto 5.5); Romero 5.5, Felipe Anderson 5.5, Pedro 6.
Available: Maximiano, Adamonis, Kamenovic, Radu, Bertini, Cancellieri. All .: Sarri 5.5
Referee: Mass
Markers: 43 ‘Kean (J), 9’ st Kean (J), 45 ‘st Milik (J)
Ammonites: Gatti, Bremer (J); Milinkovic-Savic (L)

• Juventus have kept clean sheets in six consecutive Serie A games for the first time since December 2018, again under Massimiliano Allegri management.
• Juventus have won four consecutive home league games for the first time since March 2021 (seven with Andrea Pirlo on the bench on that occasion).
• Lazio have suffered no more than one goal in a Serie A away match since last May 16, again against Juventus.
• Moise Kean has scored four goals in his last four Serie A appearances, as many goals as in the previous 38 matches in the Italian top flight.
• Moise Kean scored his first double in Serie A since 8 March 2019, against Udinese.
• Moise Kean has scored in two Serie A appearances in a row for the first time since April 2019 (four on that occasion).
• Adrien Rabiot has participated in five goals in his last five Serie A appearances: in the previous 100 games in the competition he had been involved in just 10 goals.
• Federico Chiesa was involved in a Serie A goal for the first time since 9 January 2022 (assist against Roma), 308 days ago.
• 350th presence for Wojciech Szczesny in the five major European leagues, 146 of which with Juventus.
• Juventus are now the team against which Maurizio Sarri has lost the most games as a manager in Serie A (seven of the previous 11, completing two wins and two draws).

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Serie A, Juve-Lazio 3-0: double by Kean, Allegri third

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