Serie A, Napoli-Udinese 3-2: Spalletti wins eleven in a row

Unstoppable Azzurri: Osimhen, Zielinski and Elmas on the net. In the final, the Friulians shorten with Nestorovski and Samardzic, but that’s not enough

The Naples exceeds 3-2 L’Udinese and achieves the eleventh consecutive victory in Serie A in the last game before the break for the World Cup, further consolidating the top of the standings. Spalletti’s boys need only the first half to direct the match with the goals of Osimhen (15 ‘) and Zielinski (31 ‘). In the second half he thinks about it Elmas to round the score (58 ‘). When everything seems calm, the networks of Nestorovski (79 ‘) and Samardzic (82 ‘), but for the Friulians it is too late.


The machine of Spalletti does not stop and after 10 in the report card also comes the praise, albeit with some worries. The final dropthe result of excessive relaxation rather than shortness of breath, will infuriate the technician, but does not change the substance: the first part of the season ends with 41 points after 15 days, a record average (in projection they make 104). Now is not the time to think about the stop and what it can or cannot take away in terms of positive inertia. Now it’s time to enjoying an almost perfect team, which continues to look down on everyone. For Sottil, on the other hand, the complicated period continues: the victory is now missing from 3 October and on ko of Deulofeu worries, even if the Spaniard has a month and a half to recover.

Following the requests of his technician at the press conference, Napoli starts strong trying to “tear apart” the game. Udinese, however, compacted very well, held up the initial impact and tried to restart on the counterattack by exploiting above all the hybrid position of Deulofeuwhich at 8 ‘forces Meret to a super intervention on his nice heel. The Neapolitans, however, remain masters of the game and at the exact quarter of an hour they unlock it: cross brushed by Elmaswinning header of a relentless Osimhen, lost by a Bijol to say the least revisable. At 24 ‘for Sottil comes the frozen shower ofDeulofeu injurywhich leaves the field in tears, limping, after an unnatural twist of the knee. Sottil’s boys try to be seen forward, but at 31 ‘they are punished by a perfect counterattack: Osimhen’s ball defense is a textbook, a heel strike for Lozano who fishes Zielinski on the other side, the Pole’s right turn is a masterpiece that is worth 2-0.

The Friulians begin the recovery with the desire to reopen it, they scare Meret a couple of times, but they still capitulate on the counterattack in the quarter of an hour: Anguissa’s splendid ball in depth for Elmas, who drinks Bijol and stabs Silvestri for the third time. Immediately after the Macedonian goes close to 4-0 and a personal double, but finds the response of the Juventus goalkeeper, also attentive to Osimhen a few minutes later. With the result on ice Napoli sits a little on their laurels and 10 ‘from the end collects the goal of Nestorovski, with a great conclusion on the fly at the invitation of Success. Two minutes pass and, on a sensational lightness of Kim, theincredible 3-2 with a great round shot by Samardzic. The “Maradona” holds his breath until the fifth minute of recovery, then he can explode with joy.


Osimhen 7.5 – First the goal, then the counterattack that leads to the doubling. Another test as an absolute leader, increasingly top scorer in the championship.
Elmas 7.5 – It won’t have the highlights of Kvaratskhelia, but it certainly doesn’t make you regret it. Assists, goals, and other performance to be framed after the one in Bergamo.
Kim 5.5 – Almost 80 ‘of perfection, then the sudden and unexpected mental decline. Unforgivable lightness on Samardzic’s goal, which condemns him to a final with his heart in his mouth.

Deulofeu 6.5 – In the first 15-20 minutes Udinese interprets the match well and scares Napoli above all thanks to its position between the lines and its unpredictability. His knockout costs dearly for the rest of the match.
Bijol 4.5 – Physically overwhelmed by Osimhen both on the 1-0 goal and on the occasion of the counterattack that leads to 2-0. Drunk by Elmas on 3-0. Afternoon to forget.
Pereyra 5 – Nervous and inaccurate. He struggles to focus and find the position where it can hurt the most.


Napoli 3-2 Udinese
Naples (4-3-3): Meret 6; Di Lorenzo 6.5, Kim 5.5, Juan Jesus 6.5 (15 ‘st Ostigard 6), Olivera 6.5; Anguissa 6.5, Lobotka 6.5, Zielinski 7 (22 ‘st Ndombele 6); Lozano 6.5 (15 ‘st Politano 6), Osimhen 7.5, Elmas 7.5.
Trainer: Spalletti 7
Udinese (3-5-2): Silvestri 6; Perez 5.5, Bijol 4.5, Ebosse 5.5; Ehizibue 5, Lovric 6, Walace 5 (26 ‘st Jajalo 6), Arslan 5.5 (11’ st Samardzic 6.5), Pereyra 5; Deulofeu 6.5 (25 ‘Success 6), Beto 5.5 (26’ st Nestorovski 6.5).
Trainer: Thin 5.5
Referee: Ayroldi
Markers: 15 ‘Osimhen (N), 31’ Zielinski (N), 13 ‘st Elmas (N), 34’ st Nestorovski (U), 37 ‘st Samardzic (U)
Ammonites: Juan Jesus (N), Walace (U), Pereyra (U), Mario Rui (N), Ebosse (U)


– Napoli become the second team in history able to win at least 13 of the first 15 Serie A matches, after Juventus (who have succeeded four times, 2018/19, 2013/14, 2005/06 and 1949 / 50).
– Calibrating the entire Serie A on three points per victory, this is the fourth time that a team exceeds 40 points in the first 15 games played in a championship: the other Juventus 18/19 (43), Juventus 05/06 (42 ) and Juventus 49/50 (41).
– Napoli have won 11 straight wins for the first time in the same Serie A championship.
– Napoli have won in 17 of their last 19 Serie A matches (2N) and scored 50 goals in this set.
– This is the first Serie A match in which two different Macedonians have scored: Elmas and Nestorovski.
– Victor Osimhen has scored 7 goals in Serie A since the beginning of October: in the five major European leagues, only Nkunku (8) has done better in this time frame.
– Only Harry Kane (9) has scored more header goals than Victor Osimhen (8) in calendar year 2022 in the top five European leagues.
– Four goals in four Serie A matches for Osimhen against Udinese: against no team he scored more in the competition (four goals also against Sassuolo).
– Napoli is – on a par with Tottenham – the team that has scored the most goals in the major European leagues 22/23 (nine).
– Only Milinkovic-Savic (10) and Barella (10) have participated in more goals among Piotr Zielinski’s midfielders this Serie A (8, thanks to three goals and five assists).
– For the first time in Serie A, Elmas scored a goal and provided an assist in the same match; the Macedonian player has already equaled his goal record (3) in an entire Serie A season in 14 appearances in this tournament.
– For the first time in Serie A, Hirving Lozano has provided a winning assist in two consecutive league games.
– In eight of the last 10 Serie A matches, Udinese have gone behind (in the other two of this period they have neither scored nor conceded goals).
– Udinese have conceded 12 goals in the first half, in 15 games, only Sampdoria (15) and Cremonese (14) have more in this Serie A season.
– It was from October 2021 that Udinese (5N, 2P) hadn’t collected seven games in a row without winning in Serie A (eight in that case).
– It was from the first day against Milan that Udinese had not conceded at least three goals in a Serie A match
– Goal number 18 in Serie A for Ilija Nestorovski, in his presence number 100 (this is the second in Naples against Napoli in his career).
– Lazar Samardzic is the youngest player with at least three goals scored in this league: he has already exceeded now (14 appearances) the spoils of the entire Serie A last season (two in 22 matches).

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Serie A, Napoli-Udinese 3-2: Spalletti wins eleven in a row

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