Serie A, the black Sunday of the Var: the cases of Milik, Kasius and Lecce-Monza

At Via del Mare asked for three penalties, Fiorentina protest for Bologna’s 2-1 while at the Stadium it is chaos for Bonucci’s position

Six games, three of which with great controversy: the Sunday of the sixth day of A league will be remembered above all for the final goal canceled in Milik in Juventus-Salernitana for the Bonucci-Candreva question but also Lecce-Monza and Bologna-Fiorentina they did not miss anything. At Via del Mare the Salentini claim two penalties but the Brianza area can also protest while at the Dall’Ara it is the Viola who believe that the Rossoblu’s victory goal should be canceled.

Impossible not to start from the postponement, which will be talked about for a long time. Because as long as the discussion was focused on Bonucci’s active position or not in Milik’s 3-2 action, it was possible to remain in the field ofinterpretation: the regulation says “a player in an offside position must also be punished when he contends for the ball to the opponent or clearly tries to play the ball that is close when the action impacts on the opponent“. For Marcenaro evidently the Juventus captain” impacts on the opponent “trying – even if he is not able – to hit the ball with his head. The real problem arises, however, when one considers the enlarged image, which appeared late in the evening: Candreva, who remained near the flag, could keep Bonucci himself in the game. We write “could” because, net of more or less reliable amateur lines, they are not official images have never been shown of the Var: here is the true short circuit. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the League he made it known that Var and the referees evaluated considering the enlarged image, therefore including Candreva in the calculation of the line of the last defender, but – we repeat – the official frame is still missing.

VAR also targeted at Dall’Ara, in the Apennine derby, with Daniele Pradè furious at the end of the match for Bologna’s 2-1: “You can clearly see Karius’s elbow on the back of Quarta’s neck”. In the offending action the rossoblù player vigorously gets rid of the opponent and then serves Arnautovic who bags. “We are poisoned, actually inca ** ati … Losing for a situation like this is not good. I would like to know why that foul was not called. This is a clear and obvious mistake and I would like to be told by the designator that a error “continued the Fiorentina director.

Protests on both sides at the Via del Mare stadium: the Salento players claim two penalties for as many handballs. The first in the 72nd minute for a touch by Molina in the area that the Pairetto referee does not consider foul and for which he is not recalled by the Var. In the final similar situation, this time for alleged handball by Pablo Marì. But even Hjulmand’s touch deserved a deepening, not arrived.

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Serie A, the black Sunday of the Var: the cases of Milik, Kasius and Lecce-Monza

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