Sinisa Mihajlovic, the message moves the world of sport: everyone in tears

Sinisa Mihajlovic, the message moves the world of sport: everyone in tears. The former Bologna coach is experiencing a difficult moment The closeness of his family allowed him to always remain standing, even in the most difficult moments. The illness, the hospitalizations, the farewell to the rossoblù bench were not trivial steps to put behind us.

Sinisa Mihajlovic on the Bologna bench (AnsaFoto)

After the defeat of San Paolo-Diego Armando Maradonathe Bologna he forfeited three straight wins in A leagueto which add the one in Italian Cup against the Cagliari to the From the Ara. Tiago Motta, after a difficult start, he managed to establish himself in the rossoblu locker room, bringing the group to his side. The bad beating a San Siro versus Inter (6-1) did not crack the certainties of the company and the work of the new coach. Motta took over from Sinisa Mihajlovic, after a not too lucky start to the season. After spending three good seasons a Bolognathe former player of Lazio And Inter was sent away after three draws and two defeats in the first five days. The owner of the club, Joe Saputohe commented soon after exemption: “In recent years we have lived together with Sinisa beautiful and painful moments that have cemented a relationship that is not only professional but above all human. “Mihajlovic has faced the disease with courage and determination since the day he wanted to make his state of health public in a moving press conference. Now, unfortunately, the time has come for a change of technical leadership: a painful decision that we had to make for the good of the team and the club ”.

Sinisa Mihajlovic away from football: his wife Arianna is always at his side

Sinisa Mihajlovic hugged to Davide Nicola before Salernitana-Bologna (AnsaFoto)

Right now the former coach is living a delicate moment, without football to help him get distracted. From a physical point of view it is the usual rock, hard to scratch, but it is inevitable that the bench is always at the center of his thoughts. At his side there is always his historical partner, Arianna Rapaccionibound by the marriage bond since 27 long years. On Instagram she spent some moving words towards her husband. “Love is something eternal. The appearance can change, but not the essence “. The two had five magnificent children: Virginia, Viktorija, Miroslav, Dushan and Nicholas. The eldest daughter also made them grandparents, with the birth of the little girl Violante.

Arianna Rapaccioni spends words with honey for her Sinisa: the fans are moved – PHOTOS

Since May Sinisa Mihajlovic has left the Sant’Orsola-Malpighi hospital in Bolognawhere he ended up again in March for some in-depth checks for some leukemia aftermath. Arianna Rapaccioni has never abandoned it since 2019, from the onset of the disease, always maintaining a strong family relationship. This tough struggle for survival has forged him even more, as recalled by the person directly interested in him in an old episode of very true of the January 2020. “Your whole life passes by when you hear certain things said (reference to the diagnosis of doctors, ed). I was lucky to have caught it in time, despite the fact that I didn’t have any symptoms ”. Arianna is her strength, as confided by Sinisa to Silvia Toffanin: “She is my backbone. After all these years I still find it hard to be affectionate or to say certain things, even if I try ”. The recent Instagram post is all a schedule and testifies to the love that unites the historic couple even today, amid a thousand difficulties.

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Sinisa Mihajlovic, the message moves the world of sport: everyone in tears

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