The causes of Mino Raiola’s death: a serious illness has accompanied him in recent months

Since last January 12 news had spread about his precarious health conditions. Between denials, leaks and half-truths, Mino Raiola died at the San Raffaele in Milan on April 30th.

The untimely death of Mino Raiola has deeply shaken the world of sport in general and football in particular: for more than 30 years the agent of Italian origin but adopted from a very young age by the Netherlands has raged in the world of football becoming the most famous, well-known and powerful. Loved by anyone who has been able to enjoy his assistance, badly tolerated by many for his methods often bordering on orthodoxy, Mino Raiola has nevertheless marked forever the way of doing the transfer market, even if in recent months he had disappeared from the radar. The latest news of him had only been linked to health problems that had outlined his path till deathwhich took place at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, on Saturday 30 April.

Conditions that had been defined as serious in the last few days but which had actually already worried since the beginning of the year. It was precisely since last January that rumors circulated on Raiola about various problems that had forced him to attend the San Raffaele Hospital more than once in spite of himself. For his part, he had always denied, as he did last, on Friday when the news about his death broke out: “It seems that I am able to resurrect” he had tweeted a few hours before giving up his weapons to the disease.

But unfortunately there was something true about his precarious health conditions, beyond the denials and the iron will to maintain a very high level of privacy. Something had leaked at the beginning of the year when the news, later confirmed, of his hospitalization at San Raffaele on 12 January had spread. No official notes, some indiscretions and rumors about a problem related to the lungsas German agencies and ‘Bild’ had retorted, which had also talked about one operation emergency and intensive care. There were those who had linked the situation to Covid, but in the end it all turned out to be a soap bubble through the dry denial of the entourage around the prosecutor: “Mino Raiola was subjected to ordinary medical checks which required anesthesia. These are scheduled checks, there has been no emergency intervention“, read a tweet from the official account.

Then again the silence, no news was leaked about how the agent really was who in the meantime had returned home, in Montecarlo, without however issuing statements on the subject, maintaining total confidentiality. With what has happened in recent days, certainly, the denials have allowed Raiola to be able to focus on his condition without the clamor of the media and the spotlight but the reality, unfortunately, was different and his return to the San Raffaele had confirmed it: there was really something wrong. Even in this case, however, silence had fallen around him until the uncontrolled leak of news about his alleged death: premature, especially for him who, as usual, had denied him full of sarcasm and irony.

However, a critical situation: to admit it was the same Primary of San Raffaele, Professor Alberto Zangrillo who was treating Raiola. “He is fighting, the situation is serious”. Words that had pushed Zlatan Ibrahimovic to visit him in the hospital and finally, the most terrible news, which appeared on Saturday 30 April, which no one would have wanted to read, published by the family with the confirmation of Raiola’s death, in hospital, at the age of 54. So the last silence, without disclosing the real reasons for death, on which it will now be only the family to decide whether to reveal one day. Private details, what remains is the void that Raiola has left and the great affection from all over the world of football that poured out on him.

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The causes of Mino Raiola’s death: a serious illness has accompanied him in recent months

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