The Friedkin moves for the turning point in Rome and the Conference League dream

ROME – The giant has woken up. In the first statement after the “closing”, in August 2020, Vice President Ryan Friedkin he had called him “asleep,” referring to the unexpressed potential of the Rome and the feeling of fatigue that snaked through the yellow and red environment. Now that the passion seems more alive and heated than ever, the time has come to enjoy the effects of an engaging enthusiasm.


The “Friedkin confidentiality”, also mentioned two days ago by the mayor Gualtieri with regard to the plans for the new stadium, he has a great desire to mix with the genuine affection of a people who will celebrate the 15th “sold out” of the season at the Olimpico tomorrow evening. In Leicester, after the first leg semi-final, President Dan had his photograph taken in a McDonald’s and gave selfies to away fans; but do not expect Pallotta-style dips in the fountains (post remuntada in Rome-Barcelona of the Champions League) in the event that the team should hit the final of the Conference League: these attitudes do not belong to the style of a family that cares more for substance than for appearance, Californian by birth but deeply Texan in style. Yet patron Dan and his son Ryan, also interested in the possible purchase of Cannes (speaking of passion for cinema …), seem to have really fallen in love with Romanism. After studying him for a long time in the first season on the saddle, they decided to indulge this feeling by making the fans dream before with the arrival of Mourinhothen favoring a ticket policy within reach of the people (thanks to the low prices this year already a million fans have entered the stadium) and finally winking at the former captain Totti, now a regular guest in the authority stands.


On the eve of Leicester-Roma, Dan Friedkin watched the team finish from the sidelines. Then he traveled to England with Pellegrini and companions. But the tycoon’s support is not only physical: even in April, the president injected another 10 million euros into the company’s coffers to meet current expenses, raising the total amount of money paid to Rome to 359 million in almost 2 years of management. Dan and Ryan never talk and trust very few collaborators, but they act firmly. The 466 people on the payroll scattered between the Eur and Trigoria offices are well aware of this, from whom they demand the utmost commitment with constant monitoring of everyone’s work. And while GM Pinto continues to cut its salaries (from 110 million gross in 2019-20 it has reached 93.8 million after the January market), seasonal box office revenues have already reached 20 million. Money that will be reinvested, in part, on the market. The assault on the Conference League could be worth others 25 million between collections, market pool and Uefa bonuses. That’s why Rome-Leicester is worth a lot. But football is not just calculations and cold numbers, even if profitable; and the only thought Americans have in mind now is to give the Roma fans a trophy after 14 years of fasting. Last season they experienced the thrills of a European semi-final, but in the silence of an empty stadium due to the restrictions. Tomorrow they will share the dream, and the hope of finding themselves face to face with destiny in the 90 ‘of Tirana, together with 64 thousand fans. It will be a whole other music.

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The Friedkin moves for the turning point in Rome and the Conference League dream

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