The hero of two worlds. Ranieri votes for Rome: “Sorry Leicester but this is my home”

The coach has twice led the Giallorossi and won the Premier League with the English: “We are favorites. If you pass flight to Tirana”

He was the kind ghost of the first leg. Claudio’s images Ranierithe coach Roman and Romanist, scrolled on the giant screens of the King Power of Leicester like those of the favorite son – Cup to the sky – able to tell the most beautiful story that recent football has delivered to posterity. Mister, no jokes: on Thursday he will cheer Rome, right? “But what are you asking me? The relationship with Leicester was a professional fact, but cheering reconnects me to the child I was. I can’t betray him“says Ranieri interviewed by Massimo Cecchini on The Gazzetta dello Sport.

Will he go to the stadium?Sure. And it will remind me of the times I used to go to the Curva. Do you know at what age I made the first trip? At 12-13 years old. I went to Florence with a cousin on a bus of fans that left from Flaminio“.

How many chances does Roma have to go through? “Say 55%, because this time there is the Olympic effect. It’s nice to see it full again and I congratulate the company on the pricing policy “.

Could too much euphoria be a risk? “No, if you have Mourinho on the bench, whom I thanked for the kind words he dedicated to me in the first leg. José has already said it: “The fans must use their hearts, we must use their heads”. He is right. However, away Leicester are less effective. I think it is in the last place in terms of performance. If their season has not lived up to expectations, it is precisely because of what they have done away from home“.

May 4 will be a year after the announcement that Mourinho would become the new coach of Roma: what did you think that day?It was a wonderful surprise and, like all the fans, I thought the property had given investment guarantees. Dan Friedkin is the perfect president: he is silent and prefers to speak with facts. And he can be understood from how much he has entered the club so far“.

What are the strengths of Roma and Leicester?Mourinho’s mentality and, I hope, the newfound form of Abraham and Zaniolo. Too bad for Mkhitaryan’s injury, he will mean that it will be up to Pellegrini to do a double job. Finally, the return of Smalling: he will act as a barrier to counter-attacks that may exist. For the British, on the other hand, I would say the organization that led Rodgers alternating in the search for verticality. This desire to go in depth began with me, also to take advantage of the characteristics of someone like Vardy. But also watch out for Maddison, who knows how to give a lot of quality“.

So far, Roma have kept a clean sheet in 19 matches this season: can doing it again be the key to the final? “It can be a decisive element, but at this point every detail can be“.

When you meet them, do Leicester fans or Roma fans party more?The British are loving, but this is my home“.

If Roma go to the final, will they fly to Tirana too?Why not? The child that has remained in me cannot wait“.

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The hero of two worlds. Ranieri votes for Rome: “Sorry Leicester but this is my home”

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