The Setterosa beats Holland and grabs the bronze at the European Championships!

A thousand emotions in the final in Split: 16-13 with 5 goals from Bianconi and 4 from Giustini. It is the tenth continental podium. Silipo: “A stimulus for the whole movement”. Gold to Spain

Franco Carrella

How much suffering, but what joy. The rebirth of the Setterosa is crowned in Split by a splendid European bronze medal, a well-deserved achievement that certifies the great work of Carlo Silipo and his deputy Mino Di Cecca. The final against the Netherlands ends at 16-13 (5-4, 3-4, 2-4, 6-1) after a crazy match full of goals. “It’s a team that knows how to excite. Seeing mental growth is the greatest satisfaction ”says the coach, 51 years old tomorrow. It is the tenth continental podium for the women’s national team, after five golds, two silvers and two other bronzes. The title goes to Spain, overtaken by Italy in the preliminary round (12-9): the girls led by Oca are confirmed by beating Greece 9-6.


In the rematch of the last world final (7-5 ​​for the Doudesis team in Budapest), the Neapolitan coach gives up on Galardi and Di Claudio. Both teams are struggling to contain the centers, for 14 ‘it is an Italy with few flaws and the maximum advantage is reached on 8-5. Then, in the last 2 ‘of the second half, a blackout that brings the Dutch back in a draw at 8-8. Thrilling hit and response, orange extension in the final of the third fraction (12-10) between the defensive neglect of the Setterosa who, however, pulls out a last time of applause: the unleashed Bianconi (brace) and Giustini sign the overtaking, Joustra signs the 13-13 , then the brilliant Picozzi hole the opponent’s M zone for the new +1. Hot last minute: Silipo is sent off for protests contesting a serious foul, but in our ball recovery the Netherlands improperly calls a time out and suffers the penalty. At five meters it goes Giustini who gets the shot parried by Aarts, but only because Van de Kraats slyly hinders her: the referees notice it and have the penalty repeated by Bianconi. Finally, it is Giustini himself who achieves the final 16-13 with an empty net, with his rivals reaching out in a desperate assault.


Bianconi and Giustini finish with 5 and 4 goals respectively. Viacava, omnipresent, is also among the best in the field. ”I hope this podium is a stimulus for the entire women’s movement. And it is also of those who stayed at home, in particular Teani, Emmolo and Queirolo, with us at the World Championships in Budapest. We are a beautiful extended group that I expect a lot from. In view of Paris 2024, the right competition must be created ”, Silipo underlines to RaiSport’s microphones. «The defeat with Holland at the World Cup served to give us more energy. The sacrifices of these months have paid off ”admits Domitilla Picozzi. “The compactness, the desire to have fun, this time rewarded us” remarks Chiara Tabani. And Silvia Avegno has no doubts: “It’s not bronze, it’s worth platinum”. The Setterosa had won the last medal in Belgrade 2016 (third place), playing the last final in Eindhoven 2012 when they beat Greece (13-10, Bianconi the only survivor of that team).


Tomorrow the last act of Settebello, the final for the bronze against Spain – at 18 on RaiSport – when the anger for what happened in the semifinal lost against Croatia is still hot (11-10): decided by an invented penalty, at 1’35 “from the end, overturning the fouls (sinking of Fatovic on the Nicosia goalkeeper, who was sanctioned a” ball under “, that is hidden in the water, moreover with an elastic interpretation of the regulation). In the world of water polo, it is a unanimous chorus of amazement. After the damage, the insult: the disqualifications of Di Somma (two days for protests), Martial (one for brutality in the middle of the race, initially it was recognized as a violent foul play, but the substance does not change) and of Pomilio, deputy of Campagna . So Italy will be forced to play again with 12 players, considering the return of Renzuto who served his previous stop. Severity that, on the other hand, was not applied to the Croatian Marinic-Kragic: as pointed out by Waterpolo Development, a kick on Damonte’s face at 3’34 ”from the siren escaped both the referees and the Var. At 20.30 the challenge for the title between the hosts and Hungary.

ITALY: Banchelli, Tabani, L. Cergol, Avegno 1, Giustini 4, Daf. Bettini, Picozzi 3, Bianconi 5 (1 rig.), Palmieri 2, Marletta, A. Cocchiere, Viacava 1, Condorelli. Herds Silipo. HOLLAND: Aarts, Wolves, Sleeking 2, Van der Sloot 1, Keuning 2, Van de Kraats 4, Rogge, Sevenich 1, Joustra 2, Voorvelt, Moolhuijzen 1, Ten Broek, Van den Dobbelsteen. All. Doudesis. REFEREES: Debreceni (Ung) and Schwartz (Isr). NOTE: sup. num. Italy 11 (6 goals), Netherlands 12 (7). Exit 3 f. Avegno, Voorvelt, Palmieri, Viacava. Exp. Silipo protests on 31 ‘, Van De Kraats on 32’ for unsportsmanlike behavior.

WOMEN – THE FORMULA: Twelve teams divided into two groups, the first four classified in each group in the quarters (first against fourth and second against third).

THE GROUP: Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Holland, Romania (A); Serbia, France, Slovakia, Italy, Israel, Spain (B).

Saturday 27 – Group A: Germany-Romania 15-10, Netherlands-Croatia 22-6, Greece-Hungary 9-8. Group B: Spain-Serbia 32-3, Italy-Slovakia 26-1, Israel-France 8-7.

Sunday 28 – Group A: Greece-Romania 24-3, Croatia-Germany 15-8, Netherlands-Hungary 13-4. Group B: France-Serbia 15-14, Israel-Slovakia 18-7, Italy-Spain 12-9.

Tuesday 30 – Group A: Hungary-Germany 26-4, Croatia-Romania 15-6, Netherlands-Greece 13-8. Group B: Serbia-Slovakia 9-6, Spain-France 16-4, Italy-Israel 18-5.

Thursday 1st September – Group A: Greece-Germany 13-3, Netherlands-Romania 28-0, Hungary-Croatia 22-6. Group B: Italy-Serbia 23-7, Spain-Israel 20-3, France-Slovakia 28-5.

Saturday 3 – Group A: Hungary-Romania 22-0, Greece-Croatia 24-4, Netherlands-Germany 29-3. Ranking: Netherlands 15; Greece 12; Hungary 9; Croatia 6; Germany 3; Romania 0. Group B: Spain-Slovakia 26-3, Israel-Serbia 15-4, Italy-France 19-6. Ranking: Italy 15; Spain 12; Israel 9; France 6; Serbia 3; Slovakia 0.

Monday 5 – Quarterfinals Netherlands-France 22-3, Croatia-Italy 8-16, Spain-Hungary 15-11, Greece-Israel 14-4.

Wednesday 7 – Semi-finals Spain-Netherlands 10-7, Greece-Italy 12-9.

Friday 9 – Finals 3rd place Italy-Holland 16-13, 1st place Spain-Greece 9-6 (3-0, 1-3, 1-0, 4-3)

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The Setterosa beats Holland and grabs the bronze at the European Championships!

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