The ungrateful and the mindless fans. Bonucci has something for everyone on the eve of Italy-England –

The captain of theItaly Leonardo Bonucci spoke at a press conference on the eve of Italy-England. This is the full press conference.

How important is tomorrow’s race in the growth process? What difficulties do you expect?
“Tomorrow will be a very important race, it will make us understand where we are on the path. After the failure to qualify for the World Championship and the races in June, with lots of spare parts, tomorrow we will understand where to improve and in what. There is no better race of this to start the path. We will have to be careful about their individuality, especially in attack they have players who can decide the match at any moment “.

Is the national team helping you to shake off the Juventus waste? Are you also aiming for the American World Cup?
“When I come to the national team I regenerate myself but not only this time, it has been like this for 12 years now. Here you can breathe fresh air, you are together with a group for 10 days in a row. I don’t think about it at the World Cup in 2026, it’s not the my goal, my goal is to feel good and help the national team as long as I can and the coach wants it. ”

Do we need to feel united again?
“Yes, definitely. In football, as in life, we have too short a memory and we focus on what is wrong. There are moments that each of us has experienced and something does not go as we want, but from there we have to start again and put in the emotions of when things were going well. I hope tomorrow the public can help us with enthusiasm and pride, they will help us beat a national team that we have already beaten to win the European Championship. ”

What does it take to regain enthusiasm?
“If we think about the enthusiasm of the European Championship, clearly that is different … I believe that there is enthusiasm in this national team, then it amplifies when you start winning. It takes victories and awareness to make it clear that the misstep due to failure to qualify for the World Championship is a thing of the past. Winning these two races would almost certainly allow us to participate in the final four, we have to think about this. ”

Do you feel more of a leader in the national team than Juventus?
“I feel myself, always. For better or for worse, everything I’ve done in my career I have done being myself. Whether it’s Juve or the national team, I behave as I believe is right. The important thing is that in the morning I can look at myself in the mirror and be aware of having given my all for myself and for the team. ”

From a tactical point of view, is it the most complicated moment for you?
“These questions are up to the coach more than me. This year playing a lot and with so many injuries it becomes much more difficult to find players who reflect a certain type of game, but then in the end what matters is to give everything we have.”

What future do you see in these guys in a group?
“There is a bit of a lack of courage in making them play, but also difficulties in finding players of a certain level ready for certain competitions. can give satisfaction “.

What do you think of the English strikers?
“With Kane we have played against many times, he is among the best strikers in the world. We will discover the new ones, we have studied them these days. Surely they have an advantage because they continually discover new talents and have the courage to let them play”.

Do you feel some ingratitude towards you?
“If it had been the last few times I would have been surprised … But it’s the whole career like this, nothing scares me. I’ve lived through the worst moments in my life, nothing scares me anymore”.

What do you expect from tomorrow? Do you think there may be whistles?
“Whoever whistles a player of the Italian national team is a brainless person for me, at that moment the player represents the whole nation and also whoever is whistling … the first to be booed and he won’t be the last. We have to grow from a cultural point of view, tomorrow we expect a full San Siro “.

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The ungrateful and the mindless fans. Bonucci has something for everyone on the eve of Italy-England –

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