The war of the ultras on the A1, listen to the audio of the fans in the chats – Chronicle

About 180 fans, including Neapolitans and Roma supporters, identified between Genoa and Milan, a Giallorossi ultra injured and arrested in Arezzo, other arrests hypothesized in the 48 hours of deferred flagrance (expiring on Tuesday around midday), a ‘storm’ of Daspo arriving. The judicial police balance for the riots between fans and the blockage of the A1 at Badia al Pino is this at the moment but it could become more robust over the hours. “We are concentrating all our energies and those of the police to identify those responsible for this crazy and absurd act as soon as possible, which jeopardized the safety of travelers and blocked one of the main arteries of our country”, the prosecutor of Arezzo Roberto Rossi declared, assuring “every effort so that those responsible for these events are called to account for their actions”.

Clashes between fans in A1, listen to the voices of the ultras on social media

The investigations by the Digos of Arezzo, Rome and Naples found chats and written and vocal messages in which the fans threatened to beat each other up. Clashes, therefore, not occasional but sought after, wanted, even with stakeouts and lookouts, to be established however if planned for some time, certainly favored by the Serie A football calendar which in the same hours made both sides travel a long common stretch of Autosole supporters away to the north, the Neapolitans to Genoa, the Giallorossi to Milan. “The sources of information, our operators – explains the questore of Arezzo, Maria Luisa Di Lorenzo – they found that there were contacts through messages and chats, from which it can be assumed that they had made a sort of appointment on the highway to collide“. However, he continues, “the modality can also suggest an ambush, given that the Neapolitans stopped to wait for the others at the Badia al Pino service station rather than continuing their journey. The Digos had informed that the Romanists had gathered at the previous service area, Montepulciano, and the police headquarters has strengthened the measures on the highway”. So far, three Roma supporters have been arrested. Napoli fan Antonio Marigliano was also arrested and he is 35 years old.

Objects and rockets were launched at Badia al Pino against the cars of the Romanists in transit, who stopped and reacted, contributing to the riots and the blockade of the motorway. Unsuspecting travelers were stranded for hours, by pure chance there were no road accidents caused by smoke bombs and chaos on the side of the road. The Arezzo prosecutor has opened a file for an aggravated brawl which for now only involves Martino Di Tosto, 43, an ultra-Romanist stabbed in the legs and accompanied bleeding to the hospital by his comrades who unloaded him in front of the Arezzo emergency room, and then fled. He’s in the cell and will have the direct line. In reality, measures and complaints are expected for others, while the crimes ‘in the pipeline’, under evaluation, are well beyond the brawl: the hypotheses include the crimes of attacks on transport safety, interruption of public service, roadblock, damage, throwing dangerous of objects, injury. The analysis of the facts is in full swing by the investigators. As for the reason, it is plausible to refer to the relations that definitively broke down after the killing of Ciro Esposito, the Azzurri and the Giallorossi are enemy fans.

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The war of the ultras on the A1, listen to the audio of the fans in the chats – Chronicle

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