Tramontana: ‘Lukaku overturns Serie A, and in the end Dybala will also be Nerazzurri’

Many see Inter as the favorite for the next championship. It’s hard not to think after the Nerazzurri have already brought people like to Appiano Onana, Mkhitaryan, Asllani, Bellanova and, above all, Lukaku. The Belgian was the surprise hit of the summer he probably has to date overturned the hierarchies in Serie A.

Coach Simone Inzaghi did not hide at the press conference on Tuesday and his words rang very clear to the ears of those present: “This year we start behind Milan, champion of Italy, but I don’t want to hide, we will fight with the other 5-6 teams to take away the Scudetto from the Rossoneri “.

We know that feelings are one thing, while the pitch definitely speaks another language. Mister Inzaghi he knows his value and that of his team, he knows that the season that has just ended is to be considered very positive but he is also aware that the bitterness in his mouth for second place in the championship will find it hard to fade. He removes the pebbles from Simone’s shoe and does well, every now and then it takes, it is necessary to point out because too often the words fly away but leave traces in the heads of most, sometimes passing wrong messages that become dogmas: “The goal is to win, because last year we know what happened with the market. We’ve secured societywe as staff rolled up our sleeves and then it was easy to say that Inter were favorites as opposed to what they claimed in the summer where they told us that we would struggle to finish fourth “.

The Nerazzurri coach has the maximum confidence of the managementadded two trophies to the bulletin board that is displayed in plain sight in the Viale della Liberazione HQ and signed a contract renewal that testifies how the company feels comfortable working with him. As Inzaghi himself pointed out, we are all going in one direction for the good of Inter. I also had this feeling in the afternoon spent in the office, I saw determined and confident faces but at the same time calm and serene, faces that know what they are doing and where they want to go.

The confidence of the Inter management was certainly consolidated by the incredible and, perhaps, miraculous, return of Lukaku. The Belgian will bring the goals and solutions he missed last year, perhaps the possibility of interpreting some phases of the match in a different way.

It is no coincidence that Inzaghi, whenever he has the opportunity, decides to congratulate his managers. Completing Lukaku’s return was a masterpiece with multiple signatures: Marotta, Ausilio, Baccin and Zhang they worked as a team and worked the miracle.

But you know in summer times the fan is never full, if you give him 100 he wants 101 and, not even the time to enjoy the arrival of Big Rom, now he wants to see another champion in the Nerazzurri: Paulo Dybala. Marotta dribbles not even was Baggio and he unmasks himself as neither does Inzaghi (you choose which of the two …): “Dybala represented and represents an opportunity but we are in place in attack and we have players of great value that the coach will have to manage in the best way, also if a great affection binds me to Dybala “. Not even the latest episode of Umbrella Academy (tv series on Netflix) left me more undecided about the ending of the story. A sensation I still believe that in the end Dybala will dress the Nerazzurri.

Marotta, however, is clear about one thing and embraces the thesis of his coach, the showcase has been enriched with two very important trophies but the second place just won must be a warning for next season: we must go back to winning!

A season that Inter want to experience as a protagonist, with Simone Inzaghi firmly in command. Inzaghi gave ample satisfaction to the club and the fans: “The renewal was physiological because he proved to be up to the facts”. Words and music by Marotta. Now you can start the concert starting from the Eppan retreat. The work will be tough, but to win again you won’t have to give up an inch.

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Tramontana: ‘Lukaku overturns Serie A, and in the end Dybala will also be Nerazzurri’

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