Transfer market Naples, Bayern on Osimhen: the price set by De Laurentiis

NAPLES – A contact in a more British style than a panzer one. That is: the Bayern Monaco asked the Naples information about Victor Osimhen. An exploratory phone call following the announcement of Lewandowskia king of Bavaria who has clearly explained his desire to leave the club with which he has written and rewritten the history of goals since 2014. Bayern, among other things, ran parallel to Manéexpiring in 2023 with Liverpool, but apparently for technical characteristics this operation would be more connected to the renewal and fate of Gnabryin turn linked until 2023. In short, one would not exclude the other, but there are reflections: the blue club, as known, has defined the starting valuation of 110 million euros Oh yeah and Bayern, an equally well-known story, are decidedly attentive and virtuous on the market. The fact is that Victor’s future is back topical: phone calls from Germany and above all from England, yes, where United, Arsenal and Newcastle continue to weigh the next moves. The price tag, moreover, is considerable and Napoli is not willing to go down under 100 million.

International tour

So, lights on Osi. The spotlight is once again on him, Victor the Gazelle, 18 goals in 32 games between the league and the Europa League. And in between, a serious face injury remedied in November at San Siro with Inter: the second obstacle in two troubled seasons, after the shoulder problem of the first year, with two Covids and a head injury at the side. De Laurentiis, in summary, said that it is not yet possible to judge him considering that his coaches have had him at their disposal, but evidently his skills have ended up on the cover anyway along with a physical excessive power so obvious that it was enough to certify him. a game. In short, Osimhen has entered the great international tour of the strikers, or perhaps for the moment it would be better to say that it is part of the great international tour of exploratory calls: Napoli, in fact, has not yet registered offers considered to be up to the value recognized to the player: 110 million slightly negotiable. That is: DeLa does not sit down to argue for less than 100 million.

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The margins

The first club to get an idea of ​​the president’s intentions was Newcastle, in January: an official offer of 100 million for the Fabian-Osi duo. Rejected. Afterwards, Manchester United and Arsenal also took the hint after as many requests for info; and now it was Bayern’s turn, personally involved by Lewandowski in solving a problem called divorce. Yes, Robert wants the sale and from Munich they have begun to play on several tables: on the one hand the desire of the Polish center forward and the renewal of Gnabry, expiring in 2023, and on the other the assault on Mané of Liverpool and the phone call to Naples to understand Osi’s position and the room for maneuver of a very high-cost deal.

In Nigeria

Victor, meanwhile, is in Nigeria. On vacation: he asked and obtained to skip the tour of the National team in the United States for “personal reasons” – as specified in an official note from the federation -, while ensuring participation in the two qualifying matches for the next African Cup: Thursday with Sierra Leone at home and on 13 June with Mauritius away. Not a bad trip. To follow another dose of holidays and then, if the Naples transfer market is not upset by such millionaire shocks as to force the club to seriously evaluate the sale, the Castel Volturno meeting and the departure for Dimaro’s withdrawal on the agenda. July 8.

De Laurentiis:

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Transfer market Naples, Bayern on Osimhen: the price set by De Laurentiis

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