Turin, Cairo: “Many want Bremer. Belotti? Maybe something good happens “

Urbano Cairo’s words exclusively for “Deejay Football Club”

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In the morning the President Urban grenade Cairo he spoke on Radio Deejay microphones in the program conducted by Ivan Zazzaroni and Fabio Caressa, “Deejay Football Club”. Here are the statements of him.

Bremer, Singo, Lukic, Belotti… what’s going on?

We see. With Belotti the contract is about to expire, let’s see what happens. I know that Vagnati and his DA are talking about him, and Juric has also intervened. Let’s see if we find a solution. I have already said that I prefer not to talk about it, so that by not talking about it, something good can happen. Others are highly regarded. Many teams are buzzing around Bremer in particular. We have come back from complicated years also from an economic point of view: we have to fix things a bit, but clearly maintaining the strength of the team and indeed strengthening it with quality grafts. As we said with Juric, it is essential to have a good mix: young players but also some more experienced players, to continue a journey that began this year. Let’s see how the last two games are going, but Toro liked them, they have a soul, they have an attitude that I and the fans like: stealing the ball in the opponent’s half, not stooping. Typical things of a Taurus who has cazzimma. I would say well, it has been a good season“.

Is 35 million enough for Bremer?

We don’t talk about these things here, we are not so prosaic

Would you take Chiellini as a manager?

No. Not because he’s not smart, but what does Chiellini have to do with Toro? With all due respect to him of course“.

You bought Lukic when he was a kid. He was talked about well in Serbia. What has happened in recent years? This year has exploded …

We took him when he was twenty. There was Mihajlovic who appreciated him a lot and made him play. We loaned him out and then he came back, he did a gradual growth. This year has exploded. With Juric he found a physical preparation, a positioning, a motivation also thanks to Juric. The type of game with two midfielders doing both phases is very suitable for him because he is a box-to-box, a midfielder. He has done important things

But does Belotti want to stay or not?

I think that, being him a decent boy, I would be amazed if after seven years at Toro, as captain, having scored 100 goals, he didn’t want to stay. After that, the fact is, we haven’t come to an agreement yet

Who would prefer to win the Scudetto between Milan and Inter?

As a child I was a fan of Milan and Toro. Then Milan left him, but between Milan and Inter …

Alexandria is back in C …

I was very sorry, I followed them all year. In January we also tried to figure out if there was anything we could do together, but we couldn’t. Now I hope they can start again well to return to B soon“.

On Saturday the tour passes by Superga. She goes?

“Yes, I’m going, also because it’s my birthday …”

If it manages to hold important operations, it doesn’t take much for Europe, with Juric …

Already this year at a certain point, after the matches in January… With Fiorentina won a fantastic match well, we drew with Sassuolo but had an excellent match. Unfortunately, in February there was a hitch, it also happens that you lose games that you think you will win. But then we started off well, now let’s see how the championship ends, let’s try to overcome the 50 points“.

Growth decree: your newspaper has taken a precise position. But don’t you think that lowering the level depresses Italian footballers? Many companies have gone to take players abroad by giving up the Italian product …

I see a lot of demagoguery in the project. This is not what can save Italian football. We need to do other things first for the youngsters, which are certainly not the growth decree by changing from 500 thousand to one million … Which has the effect of favoring the most important teams that buy players who cost more. With this maneuver, equity is lost and the growth of young people is not favored“.

Do we also want to say that the dignity decree regarding betting must be changed?

“Good boy. I completely agree. With demagogy you don’t go far. We also need rigorous and strong measures, which are wide-ranging, and not small-scale cabotage “

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Turin, Cairo: “Many want Bremer. Belotti? Maybe something good happens ”

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