U20 World Cup: Cavo and Seramondi ahead in the 400hs

03 August 2022

In Cali the Italians promoted to the final with 57.78, close to the staff, and 58.07 (fourth and seventh time trial). After a two-hour stop due to bad weather, Benedetti’s discobola twelfth. In 200 she improves Tonella in 20.95

Two out of two for the blue of the 400 obstacles to Under 20 World Cup from Cali, in Colombia. On the evening of the third day, both conquer the final by detaching the pass with the recovery times. Even in the intermediate round, the best of the Italians is Ludovica Cable who arrives third in his semifinal in 57.78 and is confirmed on the level of the personal record, just one cent from the 57.77 signed in battery. Same placement for Alessia Seramondi, third in 58.07, after having been stolen the seasonal world leadership of the category for a cent by the American Akala Garrett (57.28). Objective achieved, respectively, with the fourth and seventh chrono towards tomorrow’s final around midnight (0.10 to be exact) which promises to be quite balanced with eight athletes in the space of a second. After two hours of suspension of the races due to a storm, she does not go beyond the twelfth place Benedetta Benedetti with 47.01 in the final of the disc. Loris grows in the semifinals of the 200 meters Tonellaout with his head held high with his record in 20.95 (-0.2).

OBSTACOLISTS IN THE FINAL – We also have to wait for the results of the third semifinal, the one that does not see the blue involved, but the wait is rewarded with a double ticket for the final of the 400 obstacles based on the times. In the first “semi” the athletes take to the track just when the rain begins to fall at the Pascual Guerrero stadium, even if the thermometer is around 30 degrees. This time Ludovica starts in the fourth lane Cable, after having set the fastest time of the opening round (57.77), while inside in third there is the American Akala Garrett, the only one of the direct opponents with a better credit. The Alexandrian shows her qualities again, in the rhythm between the barriers and in the distribution of energies. If she is the American favorite to win, with almost two tenths of progress in 57.28, she surprises the Swedish Hanna Karlsson, who dropped to 57.34, taking away more than a second from the personal best. She repeats the Piedmontese, 57.78 to prove that she is now stable on these values, but the third place does not give the automatic qualification. Alessia is also third Seramondi: in the final straight of the second semifinal with 58.07 she keeps the first two in her sights, the South African Anje Nel (57.76) and Michelle Smith (Virgin Islands, 57.83) without being able to overcome them, instead the Australian Isabella Guthrie breaks on the eighth obstacle which had preceded the Lombard in battery. Higher times in the last semifinal and then the World Cup of Brescia continues, protagonist of the season with the exploit at the Tricolori of Rieti in 57.29. Then the deluge hits Cali that forces the suspension of the races.

BENEDETTI, THE DISC DOES NOT FLY – After the stop due to rain, and an hour late for the final of the disc compared to the original program, Benedetta enters the platform Benedetti but he does not find the launch he would have wanted. The blue opens with a measurement of 47.01 for her, which is not very significant, then remains below with 46.11 and 46.63. In Monday’s qualification she managed to raise the fortunes of the race (two voids preceding the 50.22 useful to overcome the round), this time nothing to do: she entered the first eight with 49.24 and instead she is twelfth, at one year from eighth place in Nairobi last summer. She showed up with respectable credentials the Roman from Genzano, who has stretched up to 53.53 this season. And the fight for the podium was right there: the South African Miné de Klerk, already gold-bis in weight, takes the bronze with 53.54 but the Swedish Emma wins. Skralla (56.15) on the Greek Despina Filippidou (54.48).

TONELLA PB – He leaves the scene with the smile Loris Tonella. For the man from Treviso, the world championship adventure in the 200 meters ends with a personal record of 20.95 (-0.2) with two hundredths of progress, sixth in what turns out to be the fastest semifinal just two hundredths from fourth position (fourteenth overall time) . It is the second time under the twenty-one seconds of the 18-year-old from Treviso, who had raced in 20.97 to finish fourth at the Assoluti di Rieti and now consolidates the tenth place in the Italian junior lists of all time.

THE OTHER TITLES – Jamaican double in the women’s 100 and second consecutive gold at the U20 World Cup for Tina Clayton which also takes the satisfaction of the staff, filed by a cent with 10.95 (-0.1), winning by posting on compatriot Serena Cole, 11.14. Kenya again on 1500 meters, for the fifth time in a row in this event, with Reynold Kipkorir Cheruiyot (3: 35.83) to emerge in the hard-fought derby with Ethiopia. In the 800s, the American Roisin triumphs in comeback Willis, 1: 59.13 on the Swiss Audrey Werro (1: 59.53). And the final of 110hs is decided at the last obstacle with the success of Bahamian Antoine Andrews in 13.23 (+0.2) taking advantage of the error of the Dutch Matthew Sophia, bronze with 13.34 also surpassed by the American Malik Mixon, 13.27. The final of the women’s auction has been postponed to tomorrow’s morning session (11 local time, 18 in Italy).

LIVE – The U20 World Cup in Cali is broadcast live on TV from Monday 1st to Saturday 6th August on live TV on RaiSport + HD in the Italian afternoon (from about 4 pm) and the Italian evening (from about 10 pm). Live streaming on RaiPlay.



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U20 World Cup: Cavo and Seramondi ahead in the 400hs

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