Verona-Turin 0-1, Juric in the conference is moved: “Here I was from God”

The words of the protagonists of the match between grenade and yellow and blue at the end of the match staged at the Bentegodi

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At the end of Verona-Turin, Ivan Juric spoke at the press conference to the microphones of the journalists present at the Bentegodi to comment on the grenade victory.

Torino have taken another step forward, now they are also able to manage the advantage. You have risked little and almost doubled. How do you judge this growth?

My idea in this league was to make a tough, solid, concrete team. There was a lot to change, I think we succeeded. Then I wanted to add a technical step by improving ball circulation and management, without losing the characteristics of aggression and concentration. The team has been playing much better for a while, they are more fluid. We need to play the last game and think about how to improve the team again for next year “

How much regret is there, also in light of this match, for not having collected even more this season?

Regret no. Maybe that’s right. We lost about ten points in injury time. Sometimes we couldn’t manage a few moments, I hope we will grow into this. But today the guys gave me a great answer. I was curious, I think Hellas have had an amazing season and play with a fluidity that we don’t have yet; I know the guys, the environment and the coach, getting here and winning was not easy. The guys have shown me that they have taken an important step forward.

Brekalo talked about next year, as if he were certain his stay. Has he already talked to the company so for the ransom?

Now let’s see. I think we will make the right decisions “

Beautiful applause from the stadium … And Tameze was the first to come and hug her.

I get excited, these people have remained in my heart “(Juric struggles to speak, we move on to the next question).

Is Verona the model for your Toro?

Verona had a great championship in my opinion. Igor did a great job, there were the basics but you have to get in and do well. All compliments go to him. I with Taurus want to follow this path, slowly. The working model is the same: even in Turin they allowed me to work in complete tranquility. Now let’s think about how to improve the team next year “

Torino won without Bremer and without suffering in the final. Is it the praise of the season?

Without Bremer, you have a bit of fear, in the sense that he has been a dominant defender throughout the championship. Zima had a splendid game, it was his first time in that role, he did well in every sense. When I see a young boy playing a match like that against Simeone, Caprari and Lasagna … he played a great match. It’s a good sign “

Were there moments in which you regretted leaving Verona?

To be honest no. When you put a lot of heart, a great desire to change society and situations, you spend a lot on an emotional level. My feeling was that it was okay to leave. Maybe it’s my character, I had to be more mature. I am more mature now than a year ago. The only thing I can say is that in Verona I have been to God, it is also difficult to explain (moved, he leaves the conference, ed) “.

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Verona-Turin 0-1, Juric in the conference is moved: “Here I was from God”

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