Vlahovic: “Juve never gives up. Church? I’m waiting for him to win”

TURINI like Juve’s DNA, to never give up and believe in it until the end. I’m a bit like that too “. These are the words of Dusan Vlahovicinvited to the Turin Book Fair on the occasion of the presentation of the new book by the director of Tuttosport, Guido Vaciago, entitled “Vlahovic, it does not end here”. The 128-page volume, which will be released on 25 May at newsstands with Tuttosporttraces the life and career of the Serbian striker, from his first kicks with the 5-a-side football team in his Belgrade neighborhood to his arrival at Juventus. “I like to work – continues Vlahovic -, when i stop playing i won’t want to have regrets. My work is a pleasure, I do something that I love. I am privileged. There is always something to do, even when you think you have done something extraordinary there is always something to improve “.

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Vlahovic: “Cesare Prandelli? Anything for him I will always be there”

“Church? I hope you come back as soon as possible”

On his early beginnings he reveals: “I think that in Serbia since we were little they always put the ball in our hand. Since I was little I had a desire to always be on the move, I started first with basketball which was my first passion, also because in my elementary school there was a basketball school. I spent two or three years, then playing football with my friends I decided to do that “. Then on Prandelli And Church: “I don’t like talking about myself as a champion, there is still work to be done. I hope someday to become one. I always get excited talking about him. My father wouldn’t have done what Prandelli did it for me. Thank you so much, we talk often. He pushed me forward, supported me and I will thank him for life. Anything for him I will always be there, I am grateful. Hope to see him soon. He until now he is the most important sports man in my life. I would also like to thank Marangon for the words he spent on me. I thank him so much because I arrived as a kid and he saw me grow up, he helped me a lot. With Church I shared the locker room for three years and now fortunately we are together again. He got hurt when I arrived, I hope he comes back as soon as possible. We all know what a player he is. We hope that on the pitch we will find our agreement that we had in Florence. I can’t wait to play with him, fight for this shirt and win together. ” On his fears: “I don’t have any in football, it’s all part of the game. By giving your all you will be rewarded. We don’t have fears in football: football is fun and we have to do it with a smile. “

Vlahovic guest of honor of Tuttosport at the Turin Book Fair

Vlahovic: "The Champions League is a completely different story ..."

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Vlahovic: “The Champions League is a completely different story …”

“Champions? It’s something special”

On his debut in the Champions Leaguewith the record goal after a few seconds at Villarreal: “When people say they dream of playing the Champions League, the whole atmosphere is different. I didn’t have that experience, I don’t have it yet because I only played two games but all week I breathed a different air. It’s something special, I was proud of myself. I said to myself “Here we go, let’s go on, now we can’t stop.” Really creepy. Then the goal scored is an emotion. All goals are important. a strong, rare emotion that I would like to experience for a long time and very often. I have to continue to work harder than anyone else and we hope that all these matches will arrive, which we hope will be many. The first Champions League game I have seen? Milan-Liverpool 3- 3 in Istanbul. I think this is it. ”

Bernardeschi-Juve: no renewal! Like Dybala

“Future? Juve always play to win”

Vlahovic then spoke of his own targets and his future: “I don’t look too far ahead. I have my goals that I keep to myself, I have a clear idea of ​​what I would like to do. Hopefully what I’m imagining will eventually end up written somewhere. My wishes, my goals, I would keep them to myself. Juve’s goals? We know that it is a company that has always won and will always win. It’s the only thing that matters, we don’t have to talk but work. The pressure is something else, it is for working families. We have to play with passion, I started to make family and friends proud. ” On his mood in the last period: “I am very happy, my life is going well. I am healthy, the people around me and the family are fine. This is the thing that counts, then the affection of the public and the fans that gives me an extra boost. When you’re tired, the audience pushes you to do things you can’t even imagine. I am very happy to be at Juve, I wanted it so much and I hope to achieve many goals. ” Finally on speaking in Italian: “Because of my character, I met many people, even in Florence. I am quite sociable, chatty and curious, when I don’t understand a word I always ask. I hope one day to be able to speak Italian perfectly “.

Vlahovic: "I am in love with Juventus"

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Vlahovic: “I’m in love with Juventus”

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Vlahovic: “Juve never gives up. Church? I’m waiting for him to win”

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