Volleyball, Italy-Poland 3-1: the report cards of the Azzurri. Giannelli brilliant, Lavia drag, Romanò deadly


Daniele Lavia, 10: how is it possible that he was not awarded the award as the best hitter in the World Cup? He was absolutely sumptuous, a real driver, our best striker who has always been ready in the decisive moments. A guarantee also in reception, while he found an impressive continuity in the serve. He closes the final as a top scorer with 19 points. Truly exceptional, a very champion. And he still has to turn 23 …

Simone Giannelli, 10 and praise: is our Leonardo da Vinci. The brave captain holds the ship’s reins firmly even in stormy seas. The Azzurri had lost the first set after being ahead 21-17: he was very good at keeping calm and instilling confidence in his teammates. He is skilful in his handling of the dribble, good at equally involving all the guns available to him. He gives a show when he manages to make up for a problematic reception with touches of true genius. It also occurs in 5 attacks of second intention almost from the opposite. For him 7 points, a lot for a setter. Rightly voted MVP of the World Championship, he deserves it.

Yuri Romanò, 9: do you know that this guy has done almost the entire Superlega season on the bench in Milan to make the reserve for the French Patry? Unfortunately in Italy this happens too many times, with the coaches who seem almost blind to our young talents. Fefé De Giorgi believed in him to the point of excluding veteran Ivan Zaytsev from the group. He repaid him with a continuity from the opposite of the highest level, consecrating himself as a true champion (moreover it was he, in 2021, who overturned the final against Slovenia). Today he scores 13 points, but he is also extraordinary in the defensive phase, not quite the fundamental one would expect from a player in his role.

Alessandro Michieletto, 9: we have been waiting for it throughout the World Cup. Even today he struggled initially in attack, then he dissolved from the third set in attack and it is no coincidence that Italy dominated. When our star lights up, it becomes very difficult for the opponents to stem the Azzurri’s game. He plays a game of substance with 11 winning attacks, 2 blocks and 1 ace. At the decisive moment he showed what he’s made of.

Simone Anzani, 8: once again decisive on the wall, he places three prints against the Poles. Initially he struggles a lot in attack, then grows at a distance. Serving him almost always creates annoyance at the Polish reception with his float. Irreplaceable player.

Roberto Russo, 7: enters the place of Galassi and does not miss his contribution. He places two walls and the defense will remain engraved in the mind in the fourth set which even turns into point.

Gianluca Galassi, 6: does not dispute a good final, because he never scores in the first half and struggles to find the right times on the block. He is replaced by De Giorgi in the third set with Russo. We do not feel we can attribute an insufficiency to the one who was in any case awarded as the best central player in the World Cup. Today he had a bit of an evening like this.

Fabio Balaso, 9: sumptuous, monumental. In reception it is a machine, in defense it produces supernatural recoveries. He has grown exponentially, he is one of the immovable pillars of a team that has opened a new winning cycle. There was no doubt that he was awarded as the best free rider in the World Championship.

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Volleyball, Italy-Poland 3-1: the report cards of the Azzurri. Giannelli brilliant, Lavia drag, Romanò deadly

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