Volleyball, Italy’s great feat: beats Poland 3-1 and is world champion after 24 years

from Pierfrancesco Catucci

De Giorgi’s blues play the perfect match and win the World Cup after 24 years beating Poland 3-1. the fourth title after the three of the Generation of phenomena. On Monday they will be received by Mattarella

Fef De Giorgi shaking hands in the middle of the field. It takes her a while to let herself be overwhelmed by the orgasm of joy that mounts inside. He doesn’t get on the referee’s chair like Velasco in 1990 at the Maracanazinho in Rio de Janeiro. He embraces all the blue boys dressed like his teacher in Athens in 1994. Like Bebeto in Tokyo in 1998. They all celebrate in Katowice. And they smile. Because yes, the winning attacks, the walls, the defenses. All essential to win a World Cup. But without the smile, without the serenity and maturity of those who – despite the inexperience at this level – have learned to accept that on the other side of the network there is a team like Poland that won the last two World Cups, that in the stands of the UFO-shaped arena there are 12 thousand people who push them with the enthusiasm of 50 thousand, that in a world final you can even make a mistake, you can’t win. But when everything is prepared to perfection, certainties are always within reach. And head. And Italy beats Poland 3-1 (25-22, 21-25, 18-25, 20-25)returns to the roof of the world for the fourth time e tomorrow at 12.45 it will be received by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinale.

It wasn’t a surprise

And then perhaps it was not such a surprise that Italy won the European Championship last September in the same building. And it is not even a surprise that the same team, a year later, hoisted the tricolor on the roof of the world for the fourth time in history after the trio of the Generation of phenomena. Because in the success over Poland, in a country where volleyball players are almost as popular as our footballers, where volleyball, if not the national sport, is very close, there is all the style of its leader from Salento.


Beautiful, solid, cold Italy. serene because she knows her own potential. So, never mind if Poland in the first set is unplayable. If he defends everything and tries to demolish the blue certainties with his own qualities. Italy does not fall into the trap. Do they touch everything to the wall and don’t even drop an attack? The blues begin to lob. When De Giorgi said that the defeats in the Nations League (precisely against France and Poland) had served to understand what was still missing to play at the level of the greats, he knew very well what he was saying. It was necessary to consolidate the foundations. And the guys totally trusted him.

Different phenomena

But this is not the Generation of Phenomena and De Giorgi not Velasco, but with that team there these guys have more in common than you can imagine. Of course, the coach is the most obvious thread that holds the two golden ages together, but the dedication to work, the ability to suffer all together, to speak little (despite the different times) and to respond only with walls and crushed a legacy of that team that has dominated the world for a decade. This is the generation of a bold group that had never played in a World Cup, which met for the first time a year ago and immediately became a team. A generation of kids capable of learning from their weaknesses, of never creating excuses and of totally relying on the experience and the reassuring smile of their coach. With the eyes of the tiger. Like those there.

The match report

Italy starts well, defends a lot and puts pressure on the opponent’s reception with good consistency in the serve. Lto Poland forced to change its game (which involves a lot of the use of power plants) and the game goes on in a substantial balance of muscles and show. Halfway through the set, the Azzurri seem to be able to place the decisive paw, they go on 21-17, but at that moment the Poles find all their enamel again. They begin to defend every ball, push very hard to serve, the Azzurri reassemble and bring home the first set. It seems over, Italy returns to the field dazed by the epilogue of the set. De Giorgi calls time out on 3-0 for the Poles and the Azzurri get back into gear. Poland looks superior, defends the indefensible, touches every ball on the wall and tries with the quality of the plays to destabilize Italy. What remains there. It does not break down, it grows on the wall (5 in the set) and remains always attacked, even if behind by 1-2 points, until, on 21 all, with Giannelli serving, she slips the break that directs the second set. The script is always the same. Teams never pull their arms back, they give everything and go hand in hand. But over the distance Italy begins to vary the blows, taking away from Poland the certainties it had built up to that moment. He points and finds further security. And, in the final, he places that decisive extension that silences the Spodek Arena. From then on almost a monologue. Italy plays on enthusiasm, Poland gets nervous with its back to the wall. Try to react, but the blues are good at putting out their fire. The stake is too important. Italy world champion.

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Volleyball, Italy’s great feat: beats Poland 3-1 and is world champion after 24 years

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