Wanda and Icardi, telenovela with no happy beginning or end: chronicle of the most social love in the history of football

It had been in the air for some time now, among rumors, denials, holidays and photos on social media to mask the end of a story, the one between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara which kept the insiders and gossip lovers busy, as well as the market experts, being Wanda also her husband’s agent. And now that, unless there are further reversals, the story is really over, all that remains is to retrace it from the beginning, from that triangle with Maxi Lopez matured at the time of Sampdoria.

I LOVE YOU – In November 2013, here is the first declaration of love, come on Twitter (but why not in person, one might wonder?) “I love you, it will never be easy for me to say what I feel, because I have discovered that these two words carry with them a feeling without limits”. When Wanda was about to divorce Maxi Lopez, the friendship turned into real love and the story began. A story that cost Maurito an entire career in the national team.

TRAITOR – Yes, because when the accusation comes from none other than Dios, Diego Maradona, it’s not that you can do much about it: opposed by the Pibe de Oro, disliked by Leo Messi, Maurito collects very few appearances and even fewer joys with the Albiceleste shirt. But on May 27, 2014, in spite of criticism, the two marry in great secrecy with a civil ceremony in the Municipality of Sant’Isidoro.

CAPTAIN AND AGENT – From 2015 begins the most prosperous period for Maurito and his Wanda: one becomes top scorer in Serie A and captain of Inter, the other snatches a renewal in 2021 for about 6 million euros per season for the husband / client. The magic-moment lasts three years, with the birth of Francesca and Isabella and the title of top scorer, another, shared with Immobile. The love between the two is at its best on the day of the hat-trick in the derby won 3-2 with the hat-trick and the kiss in the stands to her beloved of her immortalized by the cameras. Then, something breaks, with Inter and, in the long run, also with Wanda …

GROWING CRACK – Spalletti and the captains, a troubled story: Icardi is no exception, and from fine for late return from holidays we move on to tensions with the Curva and the management, to a renewal that is difficult to solve. The player is placed on the sidelines of the squad that will reach Champions League qualification and, at the dawn of the Conte era, with also a threat of legal action for damages against Inter, he was sold to the PSG which would then have redeemed him. Meanwhile, the Wanda-Brozovic case, with the Croatian midfielder who publicly denies having had a flirtation with his teammate’s wife.

FIRST BREAKAGE AND END – The start with the Parisians is dazzling, the second season after the redemption in sharp decline. Then the bolt from the blue, always via social media: “You ruined another family for a p …”, writes Wanda in a story, later confirming that she has separated from the journalist Ker Weinstein. Everything seems to come back shortly after, everything is documented through the Internet. But between colorless performances and the last transfer to the Galatasaray, where he was welcomed like a king, the breakup became final. “Better know it from me”, always writes Argentina. But is there something, in recent years, in this story, that we have not learned from you? Maybe just Maurito’s first declaration of love …

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Wanda and Icardi, telenovela with no happy beginning or end: chronicle of the most social love in the history of football

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