What will be the new stadium of Rome, unveiled the first draft

It is not yet the first stone but it definitely is Pietralata. On the day the cup of the Conference League was brought to the Olimpico, Rome and the Campidoglio break the delay on the new stadium: through a joint press release, the choice of the site on which the work will be built is made official, with the aim of inaugurating it “by 2026“As clarified by the CEO appointed by the Friedkin family, Pietro Berardi.

All about the new project

The completed project will be delivered by October in the offices of the Municipality. To then start the process that goes through the granting of the various permits: the analysis of any irregularities in the dossier, the resolution of the Council on the public interest, the Conference of regional services, the urban planning agreement that will serve to sanction the agreement between private and public part, the variant to the urban master plan. It will take patienceas has happened in the past, but this time Roma are sure to go all the way because from the first day they have coordinated every step with the Gualtieri junta. Yesterday the mayor, in Paris for the twinning between the capitals, clarified: “Our policy was “facts first, then announcements”. Now we can reveal that this preliminary phase has verified that in that area, chosen by As Roma, it is possible to build a stadium. Now we are waiting for Rome to present its project, which we will evaluate“.

In truth Rome had studied other areas, before turning to Pietralata. But the Friedkins understood that the process would be more agile in an area well served by infrastructures, between Tiburtina station and metro B, not far from the center but not far from the ring road, which the municipality also intended to redevelop. “The profile and perimeter of the area – continued Gualtieri – they are suitable for a stadium, not for other types of buildings“. This is another element that Rome has embraced: compared to the aborted Tor di Valle project, which involved the construction of a real estate complex, the Friedkins have guaranteed that they are only interested in the stadiumwith all the related commercial activities, which may favor “urban redevelopment»Of an old hamlet located in the north-east quadrant of the city.

Where the new Roma stadium will rise

The stadium was therefore imagined on the “prata lata”, Old Latin name of the Great Meadows of the area. Pietralata, in fact, which Pier Paolo Pasolini made famous through his masterpieces. Today the chosen area, between via dei Monti Tiburtini and via Tiburtina, is barren and steep but from a hydrogeological point of view, despite the proximity of the Aniene river, it is not critical. The problem that the legal offices of Rome and the Municipality are solving concerns the property of the area: the surface had been expropriated in the 1960s to allow the construction of the SDO, the eastern management system, a sort of city of ministries. The law provides that an expropriation is carried out for a specific purpose. If the purpose changes, there is the hypothesis that the old owner challenges the measure to get the land back. But after careful analysis, the experts rated it to be able to defend the project even before a lawsuit because it would be the 10-year term has expired within which the owner should have asked for the return of the area. However, this issue will be subject to further study in the coming months.

How much capacity will the new Roma stadium have

For the rest, it is premature to foresee the design of the stadium, since the architect who will be entrusted with the project will be selected through a tender, nor are the financiers who will support the Friedkin family in the long journey towards the inauguration yet known. For sure it will not be a small stage: Berardi explained that it will contain more or less the same spectators as the Olimpico, therefore no less than 65,000.

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Rome, the stadium by 2026: this is the area in Pietralata where the plant will be built

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What will be the new stadium of Rome, unveiled the first draft

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