Wijnaldum can change Roma as Sneijder did with Inter

Class, genius and goals: in 2009-10 the Special One wanted Wesley and with him they won everything. Now it is the former PSG who makes the Giallorossi fans dream

In the language of flowers, the tulip is a symbol of true love, but if too much romance is not for you, you should know that NASA has also discovered how they are excellent for air purification. In short, heart and reason can come together in what has become a bit of Holland’s sign of recognition.

So it is difficult to be surprised to discover the enthusiasm with which Georginio Wijnaldum was welcomed to Rome. With the right “oranges”, in fact, the teams can take off definitively, and no one better than José Mourinho could tell about it. In 2009-10, the historic season of the Inter Triplete, it was the graft of a Dutchman that changed the face of the Nerazzurri group. His name was Wesley Sneijder and no one has ever forgotten him, if not the jurors of the Ballon d’Or, given that precisely in 2010 – after having won almost everything with Inter and becoming vice world champion with his national team – he classified only in fourth place in that ranking, behind Messi, Iniesta and Xavi.

Group dinner

Here, the hope of the Giallorossi universe is that the newcomer may have the same specific weight that the former Nerazzurri had in the last year of the Special One in Milan, with whom he had a particular feeling. An anecdote about all. During the season, at a time when he was not shining, José told him: “Don’t worry, go on vacation with your girlfriend and rest for a few days.” Upon returning, Wesley said, “From then on I would have done anything for him.” Like Sneijder, Wijnaldum is also able – with his class, his geometries and his ability to create – to change the face of the team at any time. One thing is certain: his teammates welcomed him very well, so much so as to involve him two days ago, as soon as he landed in Ciampino, in a team dinner of those who have the task of cementing the players waiting for the seasonal storms. The midfielder, on the other hand, strongly wanted Roma, so much so that he said no to a couple of proposals that had come to him from the Premier League (the most important of Everton), to accept the explicit court that the Portuguese coach has reserved in recent times. In order not to be found late, moreover, in recent weeks he has alternated the hours of vacation with those of training. All in all, there is to be optimistic, given that it is a former boy – now 31 years old – who dreamed of being an acrobat.

Desire for revenge

As happened to Sneijder thirteen years ago, the feeling is that Wijnaldum is in the mood for revenge. If Wesley had been “dumped” by Real Madrid for only 15 million, the former PSG has not found a space worthy of him in that sort of “all stars” that is the Parisian team. With the new course, then, the provision was explicit: even if you want to stay, know that you will not play. And if the “merengues” rediscovered Sneijder’s value only when he was entrusted to the care of Mourinho, who knows that in France the same thing will not happen for Wijnaldum, who is already dreaming of a debut like that of his compatriot. San Siro, 29 August 2009, Milan derby. Final result: 4-0 for the Nerazzurri, with Sneijder, number ten on his shoulders, just arrived but immediately signaled as one of the miles on the pitch on that triumphal day. For the moment Georgi will have to be satisfied (so to speak) with the ovation of the 65,000 spectators who will crowd the Olimpico tomorrow at the presentation of the team, before the “vernissage” at the Olimpico against Shakhtar Donetsk, but for the matches that are worth three points we will only have to wait a week, because Serie A is already upon us. And if there is a wish that Snejider – record holder of appearances in Holland (134) – can do to his compatriot who landed at Mourinho’s court, let’s imagine that it could be: in career you win what I won. That is 23 titles against Wijnaldum’s 9 so far. But tulips are special flowers. And when they bloom they are able to give beauty to everything around them. Roma, after all, can’t wait for it to happen.

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Wijnaldum can change Roma as Sneijder did with Inter

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