Yes Bari, you are strong! A victory of character in Cosenza, Cheddira never stops

It was the victory of awareness, character, solidity: Bari comes out of Vito Marulla di Cosenza not only with three points more (0-1 the final result), but above all with further certainties and with awareness of a formation that game after game is proving to be strong and ready to face a difficult and complex championship like that of Serie B. This is because, despite not having been beautiful in the offensive phase as on other occasions, the team seen in Calabria was able to perfectly read the various phases of the match and to control the match from start to finish, with a great test of maturity.

The challenge of Marulla, moreover, could be channeled in the best way already after a few minutes thanks to the furious start of the red and white: just three turns of hands from the starting whistle, in fact, Michele Rigione touched with one arm a ball put in the penalty area by Mirco Antenuccieven though the same number seven then missed the next penalty, sending the ball over the crossbar.

From then on the challenge was very tactical, with the red and white who went in search of spaces to set their action and Cosenza good at closing well: by virtue of the careful pressure that the Calabrians brought on the Bari midfielders, removing them spaces to build, the team of Michele Mignani he chose to make a lot of verticality for his strikers, using both full backs to try Mirco Antenucci or Walid Cheddira.

Despite these alternative solutions and precisely by virtue of the high tactics of the match, the match continued in a balanced way until the last minute of the first fraction, when the usually Cheddirain an extraordinary moment of form: the Italian-Moroccan striker has in fact headed a ball crossed by Giacomo Riccibagging behind an opposing goalkeeper not very sure in the grip.

Having taken the lead, Bari played a almost perfect second time: the pace has slowed down, but the red and white team has shown a great team mentality, keeping the game under control and risking practically nothing, unlike a first fraction in which the rossoblu had become dangerous on a couple of occasions.

And maybe this is it most important news of the day, above all because in contrast with what has been seen in the latest releases: the red and white team was able to read very well all the phases of the race and above all to close its ranks suffering very little. Away from San Nicola, Mignani’s men seem even more self-confident, and the results prove it. Who knows where this team will be able to reach, which so far has shown that it can win, convince, but perhaps it is also right not to ask these questions and enjoy the moment, leaving the players’ heads free and thoughtless.

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Yes Bari, you are strong! A victory of character in Cosenza, Cheddira never stops

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