Zaniolo-Roma, high tension: he understood that he is on the market

ROME – Began drifting, as if an opponent were to jump with his famous progressions. Nicolò Zaniolo arrived at Trigoria for the gatheringaccompanied by car by his father Igor, without stop for the autographs and photos that asked for a small group of young fans. L’episode provoked an annoyed reaction from one of them, who insulted him. It is the snapshot of a moment of tension that Zaniolo tried to sweeten at the exit, after the athletic tests organized by Rome. In that case, he preferred to please the fans who remained in the sun waiting for him and the other players. But when was it exhorted “Not to go to Juve” with rather colorful terms did not bat an eyelid, he chose the silence absolute, very serious, because he was aware that every word would have been misinterpreted: if he had reassured i fans, then perhaps abandoning them during the summer, would have passed for a traitor liar; if he instead he had revealed the idea of ​​a farewell, he would have put Roma and himself in difficulty.

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Rome, Zaniolo arrives in Trigoria but does not stop with the fans

Stall on the future of Zaniolo

There truth is that until now no one is able to say how this story will end. That the Rome asked Claudio, Zaniolo’s prosecutor Vigorellito bring aoffer reasonable is established. Yesterday, it is no coincidence that there was a new meeting with Tiago Pinto in Trigoria. That Zaniolo is tempted by the hypothesis of moving to Juventus, the team he cheered for as a child, is also understandable. However, theelement main, i.e. the negotiation. The two companies, after a quick meeting between the directors in Milan, no longer confronted each other on the issue. There Juventus now it is oriented towards other objectives, that is to finalize the engagement of Of Maria and settle the sale of De Ligt. He could be interested in Zaniolo at a later stage of the market, even after the championship has begun, because he strategically does not want to indicate him as a priority.

The disappointment of Zaniolo

So? Need wait. If the Juve is not in a hurry, even Rome is in its corner to understand which direction to take. The most agitated is precisely Zaniolowho understood he was in sale and he would like the situation to be clarified as soon as possible. He never asked Tiago Pinto to leave. But at this point, in case of transferwants to be him a choose yourself the destination: he will not accept proposals from a foreign club, in a delicate phase of his private life, but only there Juventus or Milan. In the meantime, as he did yesterday afternoon and for most of the holiday period, yes will train with total dedication to be ready at the start of the season.

Rome, the market objectives: if Zaniolo starts, here is who can arrive

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Rome, the market objectives: if Zaniolo starts, here is who can arrive

The role of Mourinho

A role key in this affair can be interpreted by José Mourinhowho was informed of the intention / need to produce a large capital gain through the assignment from Zaniolo. Mourinho in the past had publicly exposed himself to protect Nicolò, even foreseeing his confirmation up to deadline of the contract of both, the 2024. But today with the player who gave him the title number 26 in his career he shares above all the frenzy of planning the future. Together or apart, as long as you decide soon. In his head theheir designated would be Paulo Dybalawhich among other things was freed from the Juventus: one exchange virtual with Zaniolo, with about forty million more in cash, it would be a masterpiece from his point of view. But it is unlikely that Dybala, whom Roma contacted in the spring, being asked for 8 million salaries plus commissions, can remain for a walk waiting for developments, even if he were definitively discharged from Inter. More reasonable would be a replacement with Andrea Belottithe other luxury free agent, which in turn is holding some French proposals in suspense (there is Nice as well as Monaco) because it would be in a rush to Trigoria.

What if …

But in this climate of doubtsbetween real or presumed offers, between misdirections and denials, Zaniolo is still a heritage of Rome and with Rome has no intention of creating one fracture. It is a wonderful problem. If you didn’t create the conditions for a separation, it would be in everyone’s interest to think in constructive terms. Renewal included. But in September, with the market closed: when does summer end?

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Zaniolo-Roma, high tension: he understood that he is on the market

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