Illegitimate payment folder in the absence of the regulatory reference of the interests

In the event that a payment notice is the first act to let the taxpayer know the interest due, the reference legislation and the effective date of the accessories due must be indicated in addition to the amount requested If the payment folder constitutes the first act with which the Tax Administration brings the claim … Read more

Is the absence of the chip on the health cards really as bad as it may seem?

Is the absence of the chip on the health cards

The absence of the chip on health cards has now been ascertained but do the forecasts on the inconvenience that will be created have a grain of truth or are they exaggerated? The health card cannot be used as a National Service Card if the microchip is missing. Is this statement correct? Adobe Stock Due … Read more

Arisa, the long absence, the silence, the intervention. The mystery of how she really is

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

There is great concern about the health conditions of Arisa. In fact, the artist has not shown himself on social networks for some time. Then, the news of the cancellation of the evening in Velletri, the surgery immediately, the strong weight loss of recent times. For the moment, his team hasn’t updated fans on how … Read more

The absence of an operational headquarters and accounting do not prove the supplier’s fictitiousness

If an undue VAT deduction is contested for subjectively non-existent transactions, the Revenue Agency must prove the objective fictitiousness. The Court of Cassation clarifies this in the Ordinance number 19098 of 2022. Proof of the recipient’s awareness of participation in a fraud must also be provided. In order to challenge theundue VAT deduction relating to … Read more

Men and Women, Beatrice Valli talks about the absence of her father | Isa and Chia

Beatrice Valli And Marco Fantini they are married last May 29 surrounded by the affection of friends and relatives. Interviewed by the magazine Gracethe former suitor said she had always dreamed of a love like the one that binds her to Marco: My parents kept a video of their wedding: it was beautiful, romantic. I’ve … Read more

How is Queen Elizabeth really doing? Malaise, absence from the Jubilee and (natural) fatigue

Elizabeth deserter mass in St Paul’s Cathedral today but is expected to appear again on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the end of the great popular parade FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT LONDON – How is the queen really? A legitimate question, raised by the sudden decision of the sovereign, Thursday evening, not to participate this … Read more

The stomach that always rumbles even in the absence of hunger and after eating could be the indicator of these disorders

Everyone hears their stomach rumbling and sometimes quite loud. Not infrequently this can also cause us a certain embarrassment. Several times it happens, needless to do it on purpose, that his mumbling occurs in public and that he goes to break a moment of silence. However unpleasant this may be, it would often be completely … Read more