Nintendo eShop: Switch games for less than 5 euros to buy absolutely at Christmas

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Did you raise some money thanks to the gifts that relatives gave you at Christmas and did you feel like playing something new? Then you will be happy to know that thanks to the Nintendo eShop Christmas Sale you can buy great Switch games for a fraction of the price. Don’t believe it? Then read … Read more

Whatsapp: FINALLY the function we all wanted, absolutely everyone –

Whatsapp FINALLY the function we all wanted absolutely everyone

The evolution of modern technologies has led so many to get used to new methods of communicatingmaking trades faster and more immediate. We no longer communicate as it happened a long time ago, when send an SMS it was a choice to ponder, given the not exactly accessible cost. Among the various adjustments of the … Read more

Nintendo: Enthusiasts are craving a new console, but in Kyoto they are in absolutely no hurry

Nintendo Enthusiasts are craving a new console but in Kyoto

Let’s ask a question with a very obvious answer: you would be interested in a hypothetical Nintendo Switch 2 or in general a new console from the big N in 2023? We are sure that most of you, with the exception of those who usually stay away from the productions of the Kyoto house, would … Read more

“The hospital of Sondalo is absolutely a priority for the Lombardy Region”

War in Ukraine direct Moscow Ukrainian raid against oil depot

“The hospital of Sondalo is absolutely a priority for the Lombardy Region”. This was declared in front of the press by Letizia Moratti, regional vice president and councilor for welfare, during her visit to Valtellina, convinced of the value and importance of what is called mountain healthcare. “We have continued to strengthen Morelli, we will … Read more

The list of the least reliable cars ever: these are to be avoided absolutely | There are also some Italians –

The list of the least reliable cars ever these are

If you love cars, these are not for you. On the web, a well-known site hosts a list of famous cars for a decidedly less flattering reason: in the middle there are also many Italian cars, unfortunately for us. A car does not always become memorable for its excellent construction qualities or for the success … Read more

De Ketelaere: ‘I absolutely wanted Milan, never thought I could play in a club like this. Idol CR7, my role … ‘

Salami or mortadella heres what to choose in the summer

“Becoming a footballer is something you can only imagine. I have always dreamed of being one, but I would never have believed I could play in a club like Milan. Today all this is reality and I am very proud.” Thus began the first interview as a player of the Milan for Charles De Ketelaerewho … Read more

PS Plus: the games to be recovered absolutely thanks to the new subscription

PS Plus the games to be recovered absolutely thanks to

Let’s see which classic games to absolutely recover from the catalog of the new PS Plus, as soon as it is released on the western market. The debate around the “new” PlayStation Plus is more heated than ever, especially now that some of the games that will arrive in the service from next June 23 … Read more

When we wake up with already tired, heavy and aching legs, they could be the symptoms of some pathologies that we absolutely should not neglect

In the evening, we can’t wait to go to sleep to rest our body. After a tiring day that forced us, perhaps, to stand for many hours, we feel the need to restore ourselves. The desire is to recharge the physical, so that it is operational for the new day. Hoping that sleep is not … Read more

The 4 crops to plant absolutely to make money quickly if you have a vacant lot

Even if agriculture in Italy is certainly not the most profitable profession, there are plantations that make a lot of money. And for those who inherit an abandoned land or have the possibility to request it from the Municipality, investing in plantations could be interesting. If you intend to devote yourself to crops, it is … Read more

Drinks, alcohol and cancer: what to drink and what absolutely not to avoid the disease

Drinks alcohol and cancer what to drink and what absolutely

There is a close relationship between drinking certain beverages, alcohol and cancer. Numerous scientific studies tell us which ones to prefer to ward off the disease. The wine it is a pleasant “nectar” present on our tables since ancient times. Certainly, it contributes taste and substance during mealsbut it is also proven that too alcohol … Read more