“Le Iene”, Laura Pausini does not accept the invitation. And it is controversy on social media

Despite everything, the controversy about it does not subside Laura Pausini and the refusal to sing Hello beautiful. Invited “nicely” by Hyenas, the artist did not show up, kicking off yet another controversy on social media. But this time many of her defend her, especially for the moment, deemed inappropriate, after Giulia Salemi’s monologue. The … Read more

Paola Di Benedetto reveals what role she would no longer accept today

Although in recent days he is at the center of attention mainly due to his frequentation with the singer Rkomi (already come to an end?), Paola Di Benedettoin the last two years she has managed to make herself known to the general public thanks to her new job as a radio speaker at RTL 102.5 … Read more

Meal vouchers, strike 15 June: bars, supermarkets and restaurants do not accept tickets

That’s enough! Better to put them in paychecks, they often support hypermarkets and supermarkets. With these commissions you can not continue, the merchants claim. This poor quality meat, whisper the patrons / white-collar workers who swarm in bars and taverns during the half-hour lunch break. Lucky are those who have the company canteen, many confide, … Read more

Putin, the secret war and the negotiations: “He will accept when he is afraid of losing everything”

from Viviana Mazza Douglas London, former agent of the US clandestine services, indicates the most practicable way: “We must force the Tsar to negotiate: what he fears most is losing power” For Douglas London, Putin Not can be convinced to end the war in Ukraine through “concessions” but just putting it in the face of … Read more

“We won’t accept them anymore.” He mounts the protest: goodbye to meal vouchers?

20% commissions on food stamps it is no longer a sustainable situation: this is the position of traders and restaurateurs, who threaten to no longer accept tickets. On a war footing, the representatives of Conad, Coop, Fiepet Confesercenti, Federdistribuzione, Fida and Fipe Confcommercio are determined to go all the way. “After two years of pandemic, … Read more