The IC 1623 galaxy image is the latest addition to the James Webb Space Telescope

The IC 1623 galaxy image is the latest addition to

In the latest analyzes of the James Webb space telescopeof which we had written a few days ago, the NIRSpec instrument was used to observe a quasar around which there would be at least five galaxies (11.5 billion light years away from Earth). But the new scientific tool “does not take breaks” and scientists are … Read more

Totti-Blasi: now Ilary wants her shoes, Smart (in addition to the villa at Eur, bags and jewels) to be returned

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Giovanna Cavalli The list of requests compiled by the host is lengthening pending the hearing on Friday 14 before the civil judge. And Striscia la Notizia gives the Tapir to Francesco More than an appeal one shopping listthe one he compiled Ilary Blasi. A long and detailed list of everything that you expect to … Read more

There are still many who do not know that in addition to stress there would be 5 enemies of our hair that falls out and becomes weak when we get sick

Who knows how many times we will have met some friends after so many years and find them bald. Men in particular tend to lose their hair due to stress. So it can happen that an old school friend or a friend from the neighborhood finds himself not having to buy shampoo after so many … Read more

In addition to losing weight, this training is also suitable for beginners, to be toned even at 40, 50 and 60 years

Sports activity could become a problem when you reach a certain age. Goals change after the age of 40 and our mental attitude should simplify the relationship with the sport to be practiced. The ambitions of achieving high-level results or having a perfect physique give way to passion and health. We play sports because we … Read more

In addition to creams and oils to firm up loose skin on arms and thighs, at 50 we also tone muscles with these 4 exercises

The more the years go by, the more our body loses elasticity and relaxes more and more, causing a flabby effect on the skin. Also contributing negatively are drastic diets, where in a short time we lose many kilos, or as a result of pregnancies or unbalanced lifestyles and nutrition. In short, many factors seem … Read more

The story of the Aurora ship, the latest addition to the Sea Watch fleet

The ship Aurora since May 2022 it is the new vehicle used by the German NGO Sea Watch for operations in the Mediterranean. It is the fastest ship in the organization’s fleet based in Berlin. In addition to the Aurora, the Sea Watch also operates with the Sea Watch 3, protagonist of the ramming of … Read more

Draghi’s strategy: in addition to energy, a new Recovery

from Marco Galluzzo The results in the campaign on the roof at the price of gas. The push for a financing mechanism for European defense, digital transition and reconstruction The search for a concrete way on a ceiling on the price of gas it strengthens. Enter the conclusions of the summit that opens today. A … Read more

In addition to irregular nipples, here are 3 signs of our breasts to keep under control to ward off breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common in the female population. According to Humanitas data, it would affect 1 in 9 women, especially between the ages of 35 and 55. Age is one of the biggest factors in increasing this risk, but there are other factors to consider when diagnosing the problem. In addition … Read more