Do you know who Luciana Littizzetto is? Age, husband, partner, adopted and natural children – Back cover

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Luciana Littizzetto is one of the most famous Italian comedians, known for her work on television, cinema and live performances. She is best known for her work alongside Fabio Fazio at Che tempo che fa on Rai 3. her Turin wit has no intention of stopping, and in fact we have seen her alongside Fazio … Read more

Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery expansion is a small revolution

Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery expansion is a small revolution

Dark magic, human sacrifice and a new Battle Pass-based system in the biggest free update ever for Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery. There are successful games that nobody talks about, if not a few fans through mostly monothematic channels. One of them is Conan Exiles of Funcomwhich in these days has welcomed the free Age … Read more

Do you know who Vera Gemma is? Age, Boyfriend, Father, Island, Husband and Children – Back Cover

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

Vera Gem, screenwriter and Italian film actress, is born to Rome 50 years does (Gem, 2018). Despite is daughter from an established actor, Giuliano Gemma, Vera Gemma has carved out a distinct path as a playwright. Vera Gemma was on Survivor 2021 and is now engaged to Jeda, a musical producer 22 years old . … Read more

The diet good for the heart: what to eat according to age

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases Diet and physical activity are essential to counteract the risk of cardiovascular diseaseswhich represent the leading cause of mortality in all industrialized countries. But if enormous progress has been made in terms of treatment, theto prevention still struggling to establish itself. A prevention that should, however, be customized according to the … Read more

Heart attack: If you have this blood type, you are more at risk of having a heart attack before age 60

Heart attack If you have this blood type you are

Recent research has identified how the risk of early heart attack, before the age of 60, and of stroke increases if you have a specific blood type. An important discovery that could save numerous lives through constant prevention and monitoring © Belchonock / 123rf Researchers have discovery that people with type A blood may be … Read more

Farewell to Peter Brook, the genius of contemporary theater has died at the age of 97

Farewell to Peter Brook the genius of contemporary theater has

The spirit of the theater according to Brook – “The spirit, this immaterial matter impossible to justify and to show, is the only justification for the theatrical event”. Thus spoke Brook, one of the greatest figures of the international theatrical scene, born on March 21, 1925. Among the milestones of his life, Weiss’s “Marat-Sade” represented … Read more

J-Ax towards the age of 50 / “Peace between me and Fedez? Before the diagnosis of the tumor”

J Ax towards the age of 50 Peace between me

J-Ax talks about himself in an interview with Oggi magazine, towards the age of 50 It will soon reach its half-century of life J-Axthe rapper originally from Cologno Monzese who in these days is at the center of media attention for having marked the his reunion with Fedez on the Lovemi stage, a concert wanted … Read more

Having a healthy brain into old age might be possible by following these 6 tips to keep your mind fit

Everyone wants to live with an active and lively mind for as long as possible. This can only be achieved with solid brain health. Even so, there is no guarantee that senile dementia will be prevented entirely, but the odds are very good. Habits play a crucial role when it comes to keeping mentally fit … Read more

Because insomnia occurs at a certain age: here is the answer that will amaze you

With advancing age comes insomnia: according to doctors this is a fact of which we must take note. The quality of sleep seems to worsen as a result of a series of wrong behaviors that we have accumulated over the years and of which we struggle to free ourselves permanently. But the cause could also … Read more

These would be the symptoms of an enlarged prostate very common in men over 50 years of age but the ailments could be alleviated by following some rules

The passing of the years brings about changes in the body, unfortunately this is the normal natural cycle of life. Often one would also become more prone to developing certain health problems. For example, one would be more exposed to the risk of thrombosis, to be prevented improving circulation by walking for a certain number … Read more