Drinking little water could speed up the aging process and shorten life expectancy

Drinking little water could speed up the aging process and

We often hear that hydration is important; now comes a scientific study that points out how drinking enough fluids may also be associated with a lower risk of developing chronic disease, a lower risk of dying early, or a lower risk of being biologically older than one’s chronological age. the study is from National Institutes … Read more

From DNA the first recipe for healthy aging – Science & Technique

In the DNA the secret to aging in good health (sources: Pixabay DNA image, SHVETS production elderly) © ANSA / Ansa The recipe for the longevity is more complex than expected: the list of genetic ingredients it can in fact vary according to sex and age. This is demonstrated by a maxi studio conducted on … Read more

Brain aging would come sooner for those suffering from these excesses in the blood, word of science

The passing of time is inexorable for everyone and for everything. It is a natural and transversal event that affects both the identity card, the seasons or the single events of life. The speech does not change one iota with reference to our organism. From skin to teeth, from hair to organs, from muscle resistance … Read more

Patients who have had severe Covid risk brain aging for 20 years

from Cristina Marrone Six months after the infection, the cognitive deterioration caused by the serious illness similar to that suffered in the passage between 50 and 70 years, equal to the loss of ten points of the IQ People hospitalized for severe Covid could lose up to 10 points of IQ in the six months … Read more