Maneuver Meloni, only crumbs for health care: doctors in a state of agitation. Unions and orders: “There will be mass escapes from hospitals” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Maneuver Meloni only crumbs for health care doctors in a

In a maneuver already skimpy, for the healthcare oppressed by two years of pandemic they remained just the crumbs. And the doctors are preparing to go down in the squareif the Meloni government should not intervene to remedy. The draft of the budget law in fact provides for the 2023 only two billion more to … Read more

“Public health is on the brink but politics is indifferent. Ready for a state of agitation “. Anaao doctors launch mobilization

The secretary Di Silverio to the parties: “We are overwhelmed every day by dozens and dozens of posts and slogans, in the absence of proposals and solutions resulting from an overall vision of public health problems. Which, in the meantime, dies, together with its human capital, doctors, health managers, nurses, every day more tired, unmotivated … Read more