Ukrainian war, Medvedev: towards the Third World War. Lavrov: «Conflict with the West is almost real». EU, 500 million military aid to Kiev

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2023-01-23 18:05:14 Latvia expels Russian ambassador Latvia has announced that it has asked the Russian ambassador to leave the country by February 24 “in solidarity with Estonia and Lithuania”. This was reported by a note from the Foreign Ministry in Riga. Today the Russian ambassador in Latvia, Mikhail Vanin, “was invited to the Foreign Ministry” … Read more

Dishwasher and health, pay attention to the rinse aid

Dishwasher and health pay attention to the rinse aid

Street The invisible pollution of dishwashers that can harm the human body ( – It is widely believed that the use of dishwasheris, under certain conditions, a more environmentally friendly practice than washing dishes by hand, but a new Swiss study could partially dispel this myth. A group of scientists from the Swiss Institute … Read more

The aid network that brings generators to Ukraine and the New Year attacks

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Dozens of countries have supplied Kiev with civilian materials to support citizens and resistance. Meanwhile, the Russian attacks do not stop Not just weapons. To withstand the waves of Russian bombing Kiev is in dire need of civilian materialcomponents designed to support the electricity grid repeatedly affected even in these hours. a concerted effort involving … Read more

Magnesium is a miraculous aid for our health and you will no longer be able to do without it

Magnesium is a miraculous aid for our health and you

Our health could benefit in many aspects thanks to the intake of magnesium: here’s in which cases it is essential. Let’s add another name to the list of allies for our health: magnesium is full of benefits that many certainly did not know. Canva Photo We can start by saying that it would be a … Read more

Government aid to Serie A, there is no from the Treasury. Lite Renzi-Lotito: “He has a conflict of interest”. “He is a demagogue” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Traces of mercury and arsenic in the body of the

And in the end the favor of the Meloni government to the presidents of A league and to the partner Claudius Lotito did not arrive. Decisive is the stop of the Department of the Treasury to the debt shield society sports: the dicastery of the Northern League Giancarlo Giorgetti is against the amendment to the … Read more

Macron to the US: “You give super aggressive aid against French companies”

Macron to the US You give super aggressive aid against

“Space new place of conflict” – In the first leg of his visit to the American capital, Macron was at NASA headquarters. “In space we have mad actors, new rogue states and new hybrid attacks”, said the French president, underlining how space today represents “a new place of conflict”. Macron stressed the importance for France … Read more

Official: two-month extension for self-declaration of state aid

The extension of the self-declaration for Covid-19 state aid is official: new deadline to 31 January 2023 After the last few days of deep suffering of the insiders – mainly caused by the slowness of the site RNA-National Register of State Aid – the long-awaited official extension of the deadline for theself-declaration for state aid. … Read more

State aid, FAQs and the Statute of Taxpayer Rights

State aid FAQs and the Statute of Taxpayer Rights

The last act of the State Aid controversy is the publication of an online page dedicated to the FAQs concerning the correct compilation of the declaration model to be presented by November 30, just 13 days after the deadline, with all due respect to the Statute of Taxpayer’s Rights . Salvatore Cuomo’s analysis and commentary … Read more

State aid self-declaration: new clarifications on obligated subjects, compilation and correction of errors

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On 17 November 2022, the Revenue Agency published a set of FAQs which address some of the more controversial issues on the compilation of the self-declaration on the anti-Covid aid that companies have obtained in the months of the pandemic. The answers follow what was already clarified by the same Agency in webinars organized on … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. New US aid for 400 million, also for air defense

Ukraine Russia news from the war today New US

One hundred thousand bullets of artillery. The United States will buy them from South Korea for supply them to Ukraine. This was revealed by American officials to the Wall Street Journal. If confirmed, this would be an unprecedented fact, a sign of Washington’s difficulty in finding weapons to support Kiev in the war against Russia. … Read more