MacBook Air, the discount is unmissable: at this price it must be bought immediately

MacBook Air the discount is unmissable at this price it

Thin, compact and light, the Apple MacBook Air is the laptop of choice for all those people who work on the go. The bitten Apple ultrabook can in fact be transported without getting too tired and, thanks to optimal battery management, ensures autonomy that goes far beyond the working day. On Telegram we have opened … Read more

Tajani: «No opening from Moscow Dialogues underway with Paris on the air shield to Ukraine»

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Of Marco Galluzzo The Foreign Minister: talks ok with the US. New weapons? First to the Chambers Minister Antonio Tajani the news arriving from Kiev still does not authorize any optimism. We are destined to witness such a long war? «Unfortunately it is so, there is no good news coming, too Putin’s truce was made … Read more

Air Alert Across Ukraine: ‘Russian Migs Arriving’ – World

Air Alert Across Ukraine Russian Migs Arriving World

Plane alarm throughout Ukraine. As the Belarusian monitoring group Gayun writes, MiG-31K ‘Kinzhaliv’ took off, as well as the Il-76 A-50 ‘Serhiy Atayants’ long-range radar tracking aircraft. Both planes took off from the Belarusian Machulyshchi airport. Meanwhile, The Russian army has moved many of its bombers from Engels air base to other locations following yesterday’s … Read more

Corsair K100 AIR, the review of the low profile wireless gaming keyboard

Corsair K100 AIR the review of the low profile wireless

Corsair launches a decidedly different gaming keyboard on the market: wireless and mechanical but at the same time low profile. We have often talked about how the gaming peripheral market is now rather inflated, with products that are often extremely similar to each other and a general lack of courage and innovation. A speech that … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Air raid sirens announce new attack on Moscow. KIev: “Russian Saratov airport hit. Two bombers damaged”

Ukraine Russia war news today Air raid sirens announce

While Kiev and many other Ukrainian cities are experiencing a very serious blackout and frost emergency, the bombings continue in the regions of Kherson, Lugansk and Donetsk. An activist has disclosed that the Russians have killed civilians in Lugansk and posted pictures of the corpses. According to British media, a draft resolution is circulating in … Read more

Is it better to heat the house with an air conditioner or radiators? Some calculations

Is it better to heat the house with an air

This is an article of those that we do not like to do. We don’t like it because we are usually very precise with data and numbers, but there are situations where it is not possible to be. When it comes to heating, the variables involved are so numerous that it would be difficult, even … Read more

He fires 2,700 workers with a text message and disappears into thin air. The yellow of the flight to Paris: what’s going on

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

He had fired 2,700 employees of the company outright United Furniture Industriesa company owned by him, by notifying them with a sms, received the night before going to work. One week later David Belford, a wealthy businessman from Ohio, has gone missing. «No one has news of him anymore, he doesn’t … Read more

MasterChef Italia off air: the judges really did it –

MasterChef Italia off air the judges really did it

Sensational unscheduled at MasterChef Italia and which involves the three judges of the cooking show, who have implemented something absolutely incredible that has not gone unnoticed in any way. MasterChef unscheduled judges – RicettaSprint A very special moment for all the fans of the program dedicated to the Sky home cooking competition, Master Chef Italygiven … Read more

MacBook Air never so affordable: shocking discount

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

It will almost seem strange to say it, but for Apple PCs, time almost seems to not pass. And we’re not just talking about design, which has been devoted to extreme minimalism for years: even if it’s a few years old, MacBooks look almost like new. On Telegram we have opened two channels dedicated to … Read more

Other than the air conditioner, it is the refrigerator that consumes the most, beware of errors that double the bill

Other than the air conditioner it is the refrigerator that

There is a lot of talk about the consumption of the air conditioner but the real sting on the bill is the refrigerator. Surely the air conditioner is an appliance that consumes a lot but even the refrigerator consumes a lot and even the refrigerator can even be worth 30% of the family’s energy consumption. … Read more