Near-miss collision between planes at New York airport: the two Boeings 300 meters apart, collision narrowly avoided

Near miss collision between planes at New York airport the two

Seconds that lasted an eternity. They are the ones in which two planes touched each other at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. There was almost no collision. A Delta Air Boeing 737 and an American Airlines Group Boeing 777 touched each other. Travel Usa, how the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) alert system … Read more

Treviso. Influenza, 9,000 cases in one week. The Covid point at Canova airport has reopened

Maldini Milan are not satisfied with a Scudetto the Champions

TREVISO – Another three weeks under the blows of the seasonal flu. The infections continue to multiply. Only in the last week have they been more than 9,000 people from Treviso found themselves in bed with fever, cough and sore throat. Among these, nearly 1,100 children under the age of four. According to the projections … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Air raid sirens announce new attack on Moscow. KIev: “Russian Saratov airport hit. Two bombers damaged”

Ukraine Russia war news today Air raid sirens announce

While Kiev and many other Ukrainian cities are experiencing a very serious blackout and frost emergency, the bombings continue in the regions of Kherson, Lugansk and Donetsk. An activist has disclosed that the Russians have killed civilians in Lugansk and posted pictures of the corpses. According to British media, a draft resolution is circulating in … Read more

Ukrainian war, the direct. Explosions in the Belgorod airport area. Filorussi: Ukrainian raid on government building in Donetsk. Sirens all over the country

29 minutes ago Ukraine, air alert in all regions of the country An air alert was announced on Sunday in all regions of Ukraine. The authorities of Odessa, Nikolaev, Poltava and the western regions of the country have urged residents to stay in shelters, relaunches the Russian agency Tass. 1 hour ago Gas, von der … Read more

Ukraine: Melitopol airport, headquarters of Russian troops, bombed – World

Ukraine Melitopol airport headquarters of Russian troops bombed World

Russia claims it has conquered the city of Lysychansk and the entire Lugansk region in eastern Ukraine. This was reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense, quoted by Interfax. Yesterday Kiev denied the taking of the last city of Lugansk but this morning Zelensky’s adviser Oleksiy Arestovych had admitted the possible fall of the twin … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Counterattack in Kiev, the Russian city of Belgorod and the Melitopol airport, headquarters of the Moscow troops, hit

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The Russian offensive grows on the Donbass front where the fighting is intensifying: “Fierce hostilities continue along the entire front line”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky took stock of the Ukrainian resistance. “In many rear-facing cities there is now a feeling of relaxation, but the war is not over – he said – His cruelty is … Read more

“Three days of violence against a 30-year-old left at the airport”: director Haggis stopped in Brindisi

Brindisi, the prosecutor’s accusation against the Oscar-winning director who was a guest at the Ostuni festival. The girl dropped off at the airport. Him: I’m innocent He, an Oscar winner, was to be one of the protagonists of “Allora Fest”, the Ostuni international film festival scheduled from Tuesday to Sunday. But since yesterday morning Canadian … Read more

Ridolfi airport summer: 11 destinations and about 60 weekly flights. The focus is on Southern Italy

Seasonal airline activity from Forlì airport to destinations in Southern Italy restarts on 9 July, when Aeroitalia, the new Italian airline – certified as an air carrier at the end of April – will take off. summer will plan the vast majority of Ridolfi air connections: ten routes are proposed. Aeroitalia therefore makes its debut … Read more