Canceled flights, companies and airports most at risk: EasyJet and Turkish Airlines black jersey

Canceled flights companies and airports most at risk EasyJet and

These are not easy days for someone who has booked one vacationbetween the peak of infections from Omicron and the strikes and flight cancellations that are hitting everyone Europe. In a few weeks, more than 41 thousand flights about 7 thousand in Italy have been canceled from European airports. But what are the flights and … Read more

From Linate to Fiumicino: when airports become a “trap” – Nicola Porro

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The question we are about to ask in this soup is rather delicate. That is the relationship between consumers and large companies operating in sectors of natural monopoly. Strong stuff, economists have hung on for years. Let’s get straight to the point: let’s talk about airports. And let’s make a premise immediately. In fact, it … Read more

Risk of chaos in airports in Europe between strikes and breakdowns, the cases in Spain and France: the fear of the domino effect on Italy

Ukraine Lukashenko admits This war has been dragging on for

There is a risk of a tense month of July in Italian airports, struggling with the first strikes of the flight personnel of low cost airlines in Europe. With the easing of pandemic restrictions and the resumption of international travel, airlines and stopovers were caught off guard. Travelers are back, but staff numbers have remained … Read more

Chaos in the skies, the head of IATA: “It’s up to the airports to compensate passengers for canceled flights”

Aeroitalia the Italian company with foreign funds that takes off

Willie Walsh, IATA Director General in Doha, Qatar DOHA – The head of the world airline association calls on European airports to do their part and compensate passengers who are victims of long queues in terminals, of flights canceled due to lack of staff at airports and lost baggage because sorting systems break down. “We … Read more

At international airports between cancellations and inefficiencies there is a risk of summer-chaos for those who fly

At international airports between cancellations and inefficiencies there is a

Evaluation errors – In recent years, most of the long-term forecasts regarding the air transport sector placed the recovery in 2024. This, combined with the heavy losses due to the pandemic, has led sector operators to cut expenses as much as possible. Between 2020 and 2021 the sector lost, globally, 2.3 million jobs due to … Read more

The long weekend in the UK has put the airports of half of Europe in crisis – Il Post

Loading player In recent days at UK airports there have been many flight cancellations, delays and long queues for boarding passengers, which have caused great inconvenience not only in British air traffic but in that of many European countries: in some cases, queues formed so long that passengers waiting for checks had to wait outside … Read more

Pilots who fall asleep in flight, the precedent in the history of aviation. “Passed the landing airports”

Pilots who fall asleep in flight the precedent in the

ROME – A pilot (the first officer) legitimately asleep because his rest time was planned. The other pilot, the captain, was the victim of a sleep stroke. It is one of the hypotheses that Ita Airways goes to explain the case of his flight 609 from New York on April 30: that night the two … Read more