Russian and Chinese military planes violate South Korean airspace: alarm in Seoul and Tokyo

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The long wave of tensions for the Ukrainian conflict reaches as far as the Far East, where the Japan and the South Korea they scrambled their military jets to respond to the approach of Russian and Chinese strategic bombers engaged in a joint exercise. While the Russia back to accuse the Born to “push” Kiev … Read more

Russian fighters intercepted by Italian Eurofighters on the Baltic: they had violated NATO airspace

Russian fighters intercepted by Italian Eurofighters on the Baltic they

Intervention by Italian Eurofighters on the Baltic Sea, four Russian fighters had violated the airspace of Sweden and Poland Posted on: 05-10-2022 20:43 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Degree in Communication Sciences at Sapienza and master in Digital Journalism at Pul in Rome, he has been a professional journalist since 2007. He has worked as an editor in … Read more

Russian helicopter violates Estonian airspace: “Very serious act”. Kremlin: “Meeting with Turkey on the corridors for grain exports” – Direct – Il Fatto Quotidiano

21 June 2022 18:09 Kremlin: “Talks with Turkey on naval corridors for grain” The Russian Defense Ministry will hold talks with Turkey on the creation of naval corridors for Ukrainian grain exports in the coming days. This was announced by the Kremlin, quoted by TASS, underlining that the participation of President Vladimir Putin is not … Read more

Russian reconnaissance plane violates Swedish airspace. Stockholm: “Unacceptable, we will act against”

It is a confrontation between Russia and Sweden. A Russian reconnaissance plane has violated Swedish airspace, Stockholm defense announced. It happened on Friday night, when the aircraft passed south of Blekinge, in Sweden Southern. This is the propeller model of the AN-30 type, used for reconnaissance. An episode that occurred at a key moment, when … Read more