“Pregnant with Albert of Monaco”, but Charlene is not the mother, the shocking indiscretion

Pregnant with Albert of Monaco but Charlene is not the

Charlene of Monaco at the center of many news related to her health, including mental, returns to the gossip maelstrom for a pregnancy, but it is not about hers, apparently there is talk of a shocking indiscretion concerning her husband and another woman . We talk about pregnancy. Albert of Monaco allegedly betrayed Charlene and … Read more

“In bed he’s not king at all”: spicy background on Albert of Monaco | What do you do in the room – Show only

In bed hes not king at all spicy background on

A former Italian flame, a beautiful showgirl told Afternoon Cinque about her past love story with Prince Albert of Monaco about thirty years ago. “The story lasted eight months, we met in Venice”, explains the actress who initially appears reluctant to confirm the words she said a few days ago to the weekly Newdirected by … Read more

Charlene of Monaco, furious Albert. And it’s always a matter of millions

Charlene of Monaco furious Albert And its always a matter

Charlene of Monaco enhances the shirt dress. And with the pixie-cut she is crazy Alberto went on a rampage over his wife Charlene of Monaco. The Prince categorically denies everything: it is not true that he had to pay for it 12 million euros (some say 18 million) to be with him and accompany him … Read more

Charlène of Monaco at the first event after her illness: photos with her children and Prince Albert

from Enrica Roddolo Very blond, serene with her children Jacques and Gabriella and next to a smiling Prince Albert, Charlne of Monaco on Saturday 30 April took part in the first event after her illness On Easter morning, the first shot of the regained normalcy after the illness. And of the newfound beauty of her … Read more