Charlene of Monaco, the kiss with Alberto for the new announcement

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Charlene and Albert of Monaco they left everyone pleasantly surprised when they took hands and exchanged a kiss during a public event. The couple has never been so affectionate and never had they shown such a degree of intimacy. Not only that, the Princess appeared radiant and in splendid shape, accomplice the wonderful look absolutely … Read more

Serie A, Lazio-Verona 2-0: Immobile and Luis Alberto show

1662939876 Serie A Lazio Verona 2 0 Immobile and Luis Alberto show

ROME – There Lazio back to win in the league. He does it thanks to his champions: assists by Milinkovicgoal of Property. Then in the final the doubling of Luis Alberto who came off the bench in the second half changed the face of the Biancocelesti, leading them to success against Verona. However, it was … Read more

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, Alberto Matano’s outburst on separation: “It’s media fury”

Live Life comes back on the air and does it with a bang. For the first episode, conducted by Alberto Matanothe argument could only be what ignited the gossip of the summer: the separation of Francesco Totti And Ilary Blasi. The page dedicated to rumors and indiscretions is all for them, … Read more

“Charlene has changed”. The return is a fiction: suspicions about Alberto and Carolina

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“Who changed the Princess?”. Charlene of Monaco has a new look, has new habits. After the illness, the long exile from the Palace and the distance from Alberto and the twins, Jacques and Gabriella, the return to “grace” was all too fake. Behind the new balance found there would be two names, Alberto and Carolina, … Read more

Piero Angela is dead: the journalist and TV presenter was 93 years old. The son Alberto: “Have a good trip dad”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Chiara Severgnini Farewell to the journalist and presenter, the historical face of Rai. The announcement of his son Alberto: «Have a good trip dad». In 2021 he had told the Corriere: “The thing that gratifies me the most is having had an impact on the training of the boys”. Mattarella: “Disappears a great Italian … Read more

Charlene of Monaco, Alberto on vacation with his children. Beside her there is another

There are some absences that weigh like boulders, especially if you are a crowned head and your life has always been in the spotlight. Prince Albert is spending the holidays in Corsica, with her children Gabriella and Jacques, but not even the shadow of Charlene. The distance of the Princess has certainly not gone unnoticed, … Read more

Alberto Matano: “Everything has changed”. Confession after the wedding with Riccardo

Alberto Matano Everything has changed Confession after the wedding with

Alberto Matano he is married to Riccardo Mannino last June 11, enjoying a splendid honeymoon in Pantelleria after the wedding; after a short time, the journalist and presenter confessed in an interview for Republic what changed after the big step. Alberto Matano, the confession after the marriage with Riccardo Fifteen and long years of love … Read more

Lazio transfer market, Luis Alberto out dreams of Seville

Lazio transfer market Luis Alberto out dreams of Seville

SENT TO FORMELLO – Two exclusions from the starting block with Genoa and Qatar. New year, old stories. The Luis Alberto case re-explodes. He has to sweat for the starting position. He shows impatience. And yesterday, here’s the news, he didn’t show up in Formello for the resumption of training. Lazio played down. “Everything is … Read more

Charlene of Monaco reappears with him. Alberto, never seen so angry

Charlene of Monaco has returned to be seen in public. Healed of Covid, the Princess showed up next to Alberto after almost 15 days of absence. But her husband doesn’t seem happy. The photos where they were portrayed together on the balcony of the Palace while watching the Corpus Domini procession show it frowning and … Read more

Charlene of Monaco goes back to work and with Alberto takes revenge on everything

Charlene of Monaco he goes back to work and on his agenda has a trip abroad with Alberto. The Princess now seemed definitively out of the game after last June 4 she tested positive at Covid. Disappeared for weeks, there were already those who were moving behind the scenes to permanently oust her from the … Read more