Aliens: Dark Descent, let’s discover the new team action based on aliens

Aliens Dark Descent lets discover the new team action based

Let’s discover Aliens: Dark Descent, a team action game set in the Alien universe presented during the Summer Game Fest. Alien is one of those names that sometimes seem really under-exploited by video games, especially in recent years. Thinking of an Aliens: Colonial Marines still creeps up fans, while Alien: Isolation dates back to 2014 … Read more

The origin of the disturbing mystery of the ‘door of the aliens’ discovered on Mars revealed

It has been just a handful of days since the Curiosity rover’s camera has immortalized an image that has caused a lot of discussion on the web, leaving the most stunned. On the red planet, in fact, it was discovered a hole in the shape of a perfectly carved door. Today we will find out … Read more