Isn’t Alzheimer’s a brain disease? The new incredible hypotheses

Isnt Alzheimers a brain disease The new incredible hypotheses

Incredible new hypotheses have come out regarding Alzheimer’s. The researchers’ studies have brought to light some interesting news that speak of the possibility that it is not a brain disease: this is what it is. Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disease that severely affects a patient’s mental functions and interferes with his or her … Read more

Alzheimer’s: many failures, hopefully in a few molecules – Health & Wellness

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates them as a public health priority since they now represent the seventh cause of death in the world: neurodegenerative diseasesamong which theAlzheimer’s has the greatest weight (accounts for 60% of all forms of dementia) with 40 million people affected worldwide e 150 thousand new cases a year in Italy … Read more

A study explains the connections between herpes and Alzheimer’s

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AGI – Alzheimer’s disease can begin almost imperceptibly, often masked in the first few months or years by common forgetfulness in old age, and what causes the disease largely remains a mystery. But researchers from Tufts University and the University of Oxfordusing a three-dimensional model of human tissue culture that mimics the brain, have shown … Read more

Your handwriting may signal that you are at risk for Alzheimer’s, which is revealed by a study that leaves you stunned

Your handwriting may signal that you are at risk for

Dementia and brain decline manifest in many ways. According to a recent study, those at risk of Alzheimer’s change their handwriting. There are so many signals that our body sends us. Perhaps we are used to recognizing the most fundamental ones, such as hunger, sleep, or stress. But not the ones who want to tell … Read more

The link between Alzheimer’s and nutrition: knowledge and prevention advice

The link between Alzheimers and nutrition knowledge and prevention advice

Senile dementia, whose most widespread form is Alzheimer’s, currently affects about 50 million people worldwide, of which 1 million and 250 thousand in Italy. The disease takes its name from Alois Alzheimer, a German neurologist who for the first time in 1907 described its symptoms and neuropathological aspects. Since modern medicine has not yet been … Read more

Alzheimer’s: This is the best fruit to eat every day to prevent it (and it’s not the apple)

Alzheimers This is the best fruit to eat every day

According to recent research, eating a little blueberries every day can stave off the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and the typical symptoms of dementia, especially in middle-aged people. © Halfpoint / 123rf It is said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but in reality there is another fruit that has incredible benefits … Read more

3 benefits of this spontaneous plant that can relieve cough and intestinal problems, but also to prevent Alzheimer’s

Especially with the change of season we find ourselves fighting against coughs and colds. The sudden changes in temperature catch us off guard and it is not difficult to get sick. For those looking for a natural remedy, mallow is the plant of choice. This spontaneous plant is easy to find in the countryside, but … Read more

Not just memory loss and mood swings, this too would be an unsuspected symptom of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s

We know how health is at the center of life for many of us. In fact, many are particularly keen to protect their bodies from any type of threat. In this case, of course, there are problems and diseases that worry more than others. In particular, we cannot in any way discard those relating to … Read more

Alzheimer’s study provides new evidence to support a thesis on a possible biomarker

Alzheimers study provides new evidence to support a thesis on

They start forgetting things, to the point where they can’t even recognize family members anymore. They are the sick affected by the disease of Alzheimer’s, the most common form of senile dementia with a subtle and difficult to diagnose onset. A new study, published today in Cell Metabolism, lays the foundations for a greater understanding … Read more