What car does Amadeus have? Here is his magnificent fireball

What car does Amadeus have Here is his magnificent fireball

Amadeus is one of the best-known Italian conductors, but few know the car that he usually drives on the streets of the Belpaese. For several years now there have been very few characters in the world of entertainment who manage to have the celebrity and success that the conductor has been able to build for … Read more

Sanremo, Amadeus announces Salmo: change of mind after refusal

Sanremo Amadeus announces Salmo change of mind after refusal

Television The artistic director of the Sanremo Festival announces one of the super guests: the announcement on Tg Uno on 18 December 2022 Published on December 18, 2022 Amadeus continues to announce in pills the pieces that will make up the definitive mosaic of Sanremo Music Festival 2023. During the evening edition of Tg1 on … Read more

Amadeus, Mourning comes like this: the images are dramatic

Amadeus Mourning comes like this the images are dramatic

Amedeus is one of the most loved and followed Italian conductors. As she prepares for the Sanremo Music Festival, he receives devastating news. Amedeus’ farewell on social media. Amadeusfrom the pseudonym of Amedeo Umberto Rita Sebastiani, is an Italian television, radio, showman and disc jockey much loved by all the public. Man today has 60 … Read more

Amadeus, a sudden stop for the conductor: unfortunately there was nothing to do – www.newsabruzzo.it

Amadeus a sudden stop for the conductor unfortunately there was

Amadeus, a sudden stop for the conductor who worried the fans a lot: here’s what it is and what happened A career studded with successes that has led to decreeing him not only conductor but also artistic director of the most important musical event in Italy, Sanremo: we are referring to him, Amadeus. During his … Read more

Viva Rai2!, Fiorello show between Sanremo and irony about the government. Amadeus reveals Francesca Fagnani co-host of the Festival for one evening – TV

Viva Rai2 Fiorello show between Sanremo and irony about the

Start with a news story about the next one San Remo brought as a gift by a friend Amadeus (Francesca Fagnani co-host in one of the five evenings), with the scoop on Giorgia Meloni’s agenda and his notes (“remove Coletta and Fuortes” from Rai and “do pilates with President Mattarella at 6”) and with two … Read more

Amadeus, his wife’s reaction to the betrayal: suitcases outside the door – Youbee Magazine

Amadeus his wifes reaction to the betrayal suitcases outside the

Giovanna Civitillo admitted her reaction after the betrayal of Amadeus. Here are her words. who have left the couple’s fans stunned and with the hearts literally broken. But what really happened? And in the meantime, there is concern… One of the most popular couples in the entertainment world of recent times is – without any … Read more

Amadeus, fool to Soliti Ignoti: forced to apologize live | VIDEO

Amadeus fool to Soliti Ignoti forced to apologize live

In conductor Amadeus found himself apologizing live during an episode of I Soliti Ignoti. Here’s what happened. Sorry Amadeus- Nanopress.it Amadeus is one of the most popular Italian TV presenters to the point that Rai has decided to hand over the management and artistic direction of five editions of the Sanremo Festival consecutive. In fact, … Read more

Positive Amadeus at Covid: skip the award ceremony with Mara Venier

After a long and successful television season, summer has also come for Amadeus. But just when he could let his guard down, he discovered he was positive at Covid: the conductor should have participated in the Agnes Award, an important event that saw Mara Venier and Alberto Matano at the helm. However, he was forced … Read more

Goodbye Amadeus, the ‘marriage’ is over: he has chosen him – the Democrat – Journal of free information

Goodbye Amadeus the marriage is over he has chosen him

A devastating farewell what concerns Amadeus? It seems that after years, instead of him, she chose him For a few hours there has been news in which, a character in the entertainment world, has been chosen in place of Amadeus. But who is it? What happened so special? Based on some rumors, it seems that … Read more

Sanremo 2023, Amadeus announces the dates of the 5 evenings

Sanremo 2023 Amadeus announces the dates of the 5 evenings

Sanremo 2022, the most iconic looks on the Ariston stage Amadeus will return for the fourth consecutive year at the helm of the Sanremo Festival. Just, live on Tg1during the episode of May 2, the conductor and artistic director has unveiled the dates of the five evenings of the next edition. Sanremo 2023, when it … Read more