Is stealing an Amazon package home burglary? Here’s what the law says

Tutti i film di Natale da vedere in tv oggi

To date there are very many ads periodically order some product from the internet, and have it delivered to your home, especially if we are talking about Amazon. More and more often we rely on online purchases, for the convenience and simplicity with which it is possible to place an order and receive the product … Read more

Amazon offers from January 2 to 8: Nothing Phone (1) is the first bomb of 2023

Maldini Milan are not satisfied with a Scudetto the Champions

Let’s start the new year well with best offers of the week which runs from 2 to 8 January 2023. After the Christmas binges, they think about it Amazon and other online stores to make you binge of offers technologies, with discounts dedicated to all the main product categories: smartphones, notebooks, televisions, tablets, computers, headsets, … Read more

Lula new president: “Goal of zero deforestation in the Amazon”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Of Foreign editorial staff Lula: «I am committed to rebuilding Brazil with the people. Our goal is to achieve zero deforestation in the Amazon.” Bolsonaro absent from the oath, who flew to Florida. Imposing security measures in the capital of Brazil He swore at 19.10 Italian time, exactly twenty years after the first time. Luiz … Read more

The black year of Big tech: 3 trillion burned by Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon

2022 ends with a negative balance for large tech companies in general. After experiencing a golden period up to 2021, in the decade that saw their revenues and profits grow at a rate five times higher than US GDP, capped by the leap even during the pandemic, big techs have experienced a sharp contractionsubsequently accompanied … Read more

Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+: the January 2023 schedules

Also this month let’s find out what awaits us on streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. Netflix Barbie – In the world of video games (January 1st) Barbie is magically transported into her favorite video game and transforms into a fun character on roller skates. During this fantastic adventure she meets Cutie and Bella, … Read more

Amazon BOMBS of coupons, only 70/80% discounts: 5 top gadgets for less than €30

1671821315 Amazon BOMBS of coupons only 7080 discounts 5 top gadgets

Say goodbye to the year by shopping even crazier than the Black Friday up Amazon. I chose 5 absurd opportunities for less than €30only with discounts from 70% to 80%. Above all, shipments are fast and free, if you are a Prime service subscriber! Remember: to get the lowest price, you must always tick the … Read more

Amazon, 10 Euro voucher as a gift for a few more days: the details of the offer

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The Amazon promotion that allows you to save 10 euros on the purchase of a product will expire on December 31, 2022, by choosing a collection point of the Seattle giant scattered throughout Italy. The promotion can be accessed directly through the dedicated Amazon pagebut beware: it is addressed only to those who have been … Read more

Amazon wants to get rid of the barcode: an image-based system is more accurate

Amazon wants to get rid of the barcode an image based

The barcode is the system that for almost 50 years has allowed logistics all over the world to identify a product, managing its entry into the warehouse and delivery to the end customer. After two years of development Amazon is starting to replace it with multimodal identification (MMID), which uses the recognition by the appearance … Read more

Free Amazon coupons and special offers: here are all the best tricks to get them

Free Amazon coupons and special offers here are all the Amazon: you can immediately get special offers and gift cards reserved for your account. On the Amazon App, the e-commerce giant that we all know, it is possible to find any type of offer, but few people know that, within their user profile, there is a section dedicated to special offers reserved for their … Read more