The best of Amazon’s Black Friday Week: PCs, smartphones, TVs, cameras, appliances and much more. Continuously updated offers

1668761951 The best of Amazons Black Friday Week PCs smartphones TVs

Amazon Black Friday Week, let’s go! Here is our selection of best offers. For convenience, here are the links of the specific categories with all the products and not just a selection. All TVs on offer here. All super discounted floor cleaning robots here. All smartphones here. … Read more

Revolt against Amazon’s docuseries on Gianluca Vacchi: “Stop it or stop subscription”

from Chronicle editing After the complaints of former domestic collaborators, including the Filipino maid forced to participate in the ballets on Tiktok, the web asks to stop Mucho Mas, a series dedicated to the life of the Bolognese entrepreneur-influencer. The hashtag #vacchiout is popular Stop Gianluca Vacchi, at least on Amazon Prime. After the complaints … Read more

The clash between Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and the White House over tax hikes and the fight against inflation ignites – Il Fatto Quotidiano

1652765179 The clash between Amazons Jeff Bezos and the White House

It is clash between the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos and the White House of Joe Biden. The tweet on Friday in which the US president supports the idea of ​​higher taxes on large companies also to bring down inflation did not like the entrepreneur. Do you want to bring down inflation? Let’s make sure … Read more