Blood analysis, a bracelet will replace the syringe: Federico II University project presented –

Blood analysis a bracelet will replace the syringe Federico II

in the photo Vincenzo Santagada, Antonio CIttadini and Maria Triassi “Thanks to the Biosensing laboratories, within a few years it will no longer be necessary to take blood samples for analysis, but the application of a simple bracelet will be enough to measure blood sugar, electrolytes, sodium, potassium and bnp for heart failure, with the … Read more

God of War Ragnarok, the analysis of the trailer of the State of Play

God of War Ragnarok the analysis of the trailer of

It was talked about without much conviction, and instead in the end the rumors turned out to be true: God of War Ragnarok was shown again during the last State of Play with a trailer dedicated to the history of the game, its characters and its fascinating settings . A further look at the awaited … Read more

The blood group with the highest risk of early stroke: the analysis – INRAN

The blood group with the highest risk of early stroke

A very in-depth analysis was conducted that correlates the early risk of stroke according to the blood group to which they belong. Flower on the nape of a woman (Pexels) THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: There Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) tackled the largest blood group analysis in years, highlighting the incidence of the blood … Read more

Return to Monkey Island, the analysis of the trailer from the Nintendo Direct Mini

Return to Monkey Island the analysis of the trailer from

Return to Monkey Island showed up during the Nintendo Direct Mini with a new trailer, here’s everything we learned from the video sequences. Imagine finding yourself in 1991, between the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, the birth of the World Wide Web and the explosion of the first Gulf War, listening to a not so young … Read more

Putin, how will the conflict end? The war in Ukraine “will be his Vietnam”: the analysis of the American admiral

There war in Ukraine risks becoming a new “Vietnam” for Putin. The Russian campaign, which had aimed to take control of the entire nation in a short time is in stall after more than 100 days. Even if the fierce fighting continues in Donbass, where the Ukrainians have difficulty in terms of resources and personnel, … Read more

“The mission impossible for Moscow: just to control the areas already occupied it needs 300 thousand soldiers (which it does not have)” – The analysis – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says he is easier to hold a city like Severodonetsk rather than take it back once Kiev launches its “summer counter-offensive”. The phrase seems so obvious in its simplicity that no one has raised the problem: but the Russians, once they have occupied a territory, how do they keep it? Indeed, … Read more

Street Fighter 6, analysis and news of the new chapter of the Capcom series

Street Fighter 6 analysis and news of the new chapter

Street Fighter 6 was shown at the State of Play, and the information on the anticipated Capcom fighting game is really more than we expected. Ok, it State of Play tonight he clearly took an unexpected leap in quality, surprisingly fielding nothing short of adrenaline-pumping trailers of some of the most anticipated titles ever. Among … Read more

Chinese plane crashed, the truth after the analysis of the black boxes: “Intentionally crashed by someone in the cabin”

It crashed into the mountains because someone intentionally swooped it towards the ground. This would be the cause of the plane crash that occurred in China last March 21, when a Boeing 737 with 132 people on board fell into a vertical descent at the speed of sound, pulverizing in 50 thousand pieces on rough … Read more

Precision medicine becomes reality: an avant-garde center for genomic analysis and big data is born in the Valley

Researchers of the ‘5000genomi @ VdA’ project and clinical staff of the AUSL Vda met in a scientific workshop with the aim of creating a center of personalized and precision medicine and thus becoming a unique reality at national level and European. Thanks to the 5000genomi @ VdA project, a new center for genomic and … Read more

Do Android tablets still make sense? Here is the analysis of realme Pad Mini

Today realme also launched its new Number Series smartphones in Italy, realme 9 and realme 9 5G. As we said in our first preview contact, the mix of features could also be interesting, but the prices and – in some cases – the choice of memory cuts cripple the run of the two terminals on … Read more