IPHONE 14 PRO MAX Review – Andrea Galeazzi

1664137199 IPHONE 14 PRO MAX Review Andrea Galeazzi

Big, heavy and definitely expensive. What does it offer in return? An equally large and spectacular display and an autonomy of one and a half days. For everything else this iPhone 14 Pro Max is identical to the 14 with its excellent performance, the Dynamic Island and the new cameras. Weight and size 160.7 x … Read more

Tesla Model Y Test Drive PRO and CONS – Andrea Galeazzi

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Their Autopilot is probably the most famous in the world but what if, at least here in Europe, driving pleasure was the most important topic to discuss? We are obviously talking about Tesla and specifically about a Model Y in the Performance version built in the gigafactory in Berlin that with exaggerated power and 21 … Read more

Andrea and Sarah Ferguson are a couple: what changes after the Queen’s death

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

The Prince Andrew And Sarah Fergusoneven if not officially, they have been a couple for several years now. Despite the stormy divorce in 1996, the two have always remained very close, so much so that they live in the same house, now at risk after the death of the Queen Elizabeth. In fact, this and … Read more


West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

Imagine having a TV with the whole SKY world at your fingertips (or voice) but without decoder, without satellite dish, without external soundbar and without cables .. now it’s possible! In fact, SKY Glass arrives, a 4K TV with integrated SKY and soundbar, available in 43, 55 or 65 “sizes, with a beautiful design and … Read more

Royal family, who goes up and who goes down: Anna the favorite, Andrea is at risk in the Royal Family the balances change

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Who goes up and who goes down in the royal family? The death of the Queen shuffles the cards and all the members “take a step forward in the line of succession to the throne”, explains Domenico Savini, historian of the royal houses. Charles III reminds him of Edward VII, the eldest son of Queen … Read more

Men and Women, Andrea Nicole Conte background on the past: “The others …”

Men and Women Andrea Nicole Conte background on the past

The former tronista of Men and Women Andrea Nicole Conte answered questions from fans by returning to talk about his past. The former tronista of Men and Women Andrea Nicole Conte she went back to talking about her past and the important decision she made many years earlier to be able to fully live the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Galaxy Watch5 and Watch 5 Pro are official! Features and Prices – Andrea Galeazzi

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The undoubted protagonists of today’s unpacked were the two folding Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 but Samsung didn’t stop there! In fact, the new true wireless are also arriving Galaxy Buds2 Pro and two new smartwatches, Galaxy Watch5 And Watch5 Pro, let’s see more closely. Galaxy Buds2 Pro Let’s start with the new … Read more