Android auto, goodbye to this very useful function | We will never see her again –

Android auto goodbye to this very useful function We

The new Android Auto will refine and refine the user experience, but it will also lose a vital function for drivers. A decision, that of Google, which surprises and which could perhaps be revised in the not too distant future. For all motorists who have tried Android Auto, the functions included in the service have … Read more

Google TV vs. Android TV: let’s discover the differences together

a question that many of you ask us and today we want to try to give an answer: ‘What is the difference between Android TV and Google TV?‘ Google TV and Android TV: let’s clarify [HWUVIDEO=”3313″]Google TV vs. Android TV: what are the differences?[/HWUVIDEO] First Google TV OS, then Android TV … Read more

The 10 must-pay paid apps on the Android Play Store –

The 10 must pay paid apps on the Android Play Store

Year after year, the panorama of apps becomes increasingly vast and full of particularly useful or new offers, so much so that it is almost impossible for consumers to stay constantly updated. Do you want to update your smartphone with a new app by spending just a few euros? Well, below you will find our … Read more

Pixel 7 in prova: è questo il telefono Android da comprare oggi

Pixel 7 in prova e questo il telefono Android da

Da tutte le persone a cui abbiamo chiesto: “Sai che Google fa anche i telefoni?” abbiamo ricevuto sempre un’unica risposta: “No.” Eppure Google è arrivata alla settima generazione di Pixel, eppure i Pixel hanno espresso mediamente un’ottima esperienza Android, eppure i Pixel non sono conosciuti. Con la gamma Pixel 7, dopo essersi allenati con … Read more

MIUI 14: ecco quali Xiaomi si aggiorneranno ad Android 13

MIUI 14 ecco quali Xiaomi si aggiorneranno ad Android 13

Il 2022 è l’anno del debutto di Android 13 “Tiramisù” e fra i primi produttori ad adottarli ci sarà in prima linea Xiaomi, oltre ai vari Samsung, OPPO, OnePlus, Realme e vivo. Abbiamo assistito al debutto ufficiale da parte di Google, preceduto dalla prima fase di beta testing, e a cavallo fra 2022 e 2023 … Read more

Android, discovered (by accident) a trivial method to bypass the lock screen

A security researcher almost accidentally found a method to bypass the lock screen on some Google Pixel series smartphones working until last week. The method allowed anyone with physical access to a smartphone to unlock it through a simple five-step process that takes no more than a few minutes. The vulnerability was fixed with the … Read more

The new Android Auto is coming in beta

The new Android Auto is coming in beta

For several months we have known the news it has in the pipeline Google for Android Autoyour platform to easily connect your own smartphone to the car for a complete infotainment experience. Finally there seem to be gods important implications. Amazon offers We are speaking clearly of Coolwalkthe jargon for the new graphical interface that … Read more

Android updates November 2022, fixed 45 vulnerabilities: we update devices – Cyber ​​Security 360

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TheAndroid Security Bulletin November 2022: The monthly updates published by Google correct a total of 45 security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices with versions 10, 11, 12 and 13 operating system. The first devices to receive the updates will be those of Google’s Pixel series, but Samsung would also be ready to release patches for some … Read more

OPPO Reno8 5G: unalternativa valida (e bella) per Android! La recensione

OPPO Reno8 5G è il fratello minore del top di gamma dell’azienda ma chiamarlo così è forse un po’ riduttivo per un telefono solido, robusto, con qualità costruttive eccellenti. Possiede un design riconoscibile che si allinea con quello della versione Pro e che in qualche modo lo rende tra i più belli del momento se … Read more

YouTube brings pinch-to-zoom to the iOS and Android app

YouTube brings pinch to zoom to the iOS and Android app

The latest update of YouTube (how YouTube Clip works) brings an interesting one function, as well as a number of small but interesting ones changes of design. Time ago Google is working on pinch-to-zoom in its popular video app for mobile devices and, after introducing it this August for users Premium, today it is finally … Read more