Anna Tatangelo, her mother died after a long illness: Palmira Vinci was 67 years old

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She had been sick for some time, she fought against a terrible evil like a lioness but in the end, this morning, she gave up. Great pain in the family of the singer sorana Anna Tatangelo after the death of the lady Palmira Vinci, 67 years old, mother of Anna. In recent years, the singer … Read more

Anna Falchi, “È difficile…”, spunta la verità sulla fine della sua storia: i motivi dell’addio

Anna Falchi E difficile spunta la verita sulla fine della

In una lunga e intima intervista Anna Falchi ha raccontato aspetti molto personali della sua vita e ha parlato della fine della sua grande storia d’amore. Ecco perché è finita. Anna Falchi ha deciso di condividere dettagli importanti della sua vita privata e lo ha fatto in una lunga intervista in cui ha raccontato i … Read more

Anna Moroni, avete capito chi è la figlia? La vediamo quasi sempre in TV

Anna Moroni avete capito chi e la figlia La vediamo

Mai come in questo periodo, i programmi di cucina vanno per la maggiore, ma non è di certo una novità che in tv si parli di cibo! Esistono trasmissioni, infatti, che hanno fatto la storia della televisione e, al loro interno, gli argomenti principali erano proprio le ricette della tradizione. Basti pensare a La prova … Read more

Royal family, who goes up and who goes down: Anna the favorite, Andrea is at risk in the Royal Family the balances change

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Who goes up and who goes down in the royal family? The death of the Queen shuffles the cards and all the members “take a step forward in the line of succession to the throne”, explains Domenico Savini, historian of the royal houses. Charles III reminds him of Edward VII, the eldest son of Queen … Read more

Anna Tatangelo shows off a statuesque physique with the summer bikini

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After a busy season, finally Anna Tatangelo you can enjoy a few days of relaxation by the sea. The chosen location is truly wonderful, but it is she who attracts the attention: on the yacht, a little further away from prying eyes, she showed off a bikini nothing short of enchanting that does not hide … Read more

Pupo: “I live with my wife Anna and my lover Patricia, but those who envy me are wrong”

from Mario Luzzatto Fegiz The singer, born Enzo Ghinazzi: «I lied a lot and took away dignity from the women who were close to me. Instead they taught me loyalty. I do not wish my daughters such a thing ». Addiction: «At 25 I was a billionaire, then gambling debts». Is there any of the … Read more

Anna Mazzamauro, Miss Silvani and the relationship with Paolo Villaggio: «Never been friends. Here’s what he told me one day “

The relationship between Anna Mazzamauro And Paolo Villaggio it has never been easy. Yet if in 1975 she was chosen in the role of Miss Silvaniit was only thanks to the accountant Ugo Fantozziwho insisted on having her next to his side on set. Read also> Dead Lars Bloch, the ‘Mega … Read more

Anna Mazzamauro: «Village called me” toilet “on TV. But before she died she told me: How beautiful you are “

“Miss Silvani” tells herself. Fantozzi’s intelligent cruelty, her rivalry with Pina, her laughter with Filini. And then real life, with a man who deceived (and robbed) her Anna Mazzamauro lives in Rome. We speak by phone. Late morning. Anna, good morning. «Good morning to you, awakening is always tragic for me. I do everything at … Read more