Smartphone, is someone spying on you? If you have these apps, the answer is yes

Smartphone is someone spying on you If you have these

The universe of applications is getting bigger and bigger. There is a lot of content that, however, could pose a risk to privacy. Let’s see together the apps that can put our smartphone in danger. The smartphone is one of the most used devices, practically indispensable. Inside, among other things, it is possible to have … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Biden warns Putin on the use of nuclear weapons: “Don’t do it, the answer would be consequential”

Ukraine Russia news from the war today Biden warns

Joe Biden warns the Russian president Vladmir Putin on the use of nuclear or chemical weapons. “Don’t do it, don’t do it. If I did, the face of war would change,” Biden said in an interview with 60 Minutes, excerpts of which were released. And on what the American response could be: “It would be … Read more

Test to enter medicine, all the questions: can you answer them?

There is no year in which there is no controversy after the entrance test to the limited number faculties, especially medicine and dentistry, which will see one in four students pass by. The 2022 tests saw a decrease in the disputed general culture quizzes (15% logical reasoning, numerical reasoning and humanities). Applicants will be able … Read more

How many hours do you sleep at night? The answer may be the secret of longevity

How many hours do you sleep at night The answer

A good night’s sleep is the best medical advice ever: sleeping well is not only good for physical health but also for mental health. Since sleep is a key element for human well-being, a group of scientists among the best at Stanford Medicine they made a sensational discovery. They call her ‘sleeping age’ and can … Read more

Tax investigation, Trump will not answer questions – North America

Tax investigation Trump will not answer questions North America

Donald Trump arrived at the New York Attorney’s Office, where he will be questioned under oath by Attorney General Letitia James as part of theinvestigation into tax returns of the Trump Organization. The American media reported it. But the former president made it known in a statement that he will not answer questions “based on … Read more

Is training more than 2 hours a week useless or is it useless? The answer to science

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

A Harvard study found what happens when you train more than the WHO guidelines. And the result is surprising … Eugenio Spagnuolo 02 August – Milan Current WHO guidelines recommend 75 to 300 minutes of exercise per week to stay healthy. The minimum time, 75 minutes, is what should be devoted to vigorous sports activities. … Read more

“Kurds? Painful but acceptable price”: question and answer to La7 between Rampini and the activist Marcucci. And he speaks of the “canea of ​​the Putinians against Erdogan” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Kurds Painful but acceptable price question and answer to La7

Long question and answer a “On air” (La7) between Eddi Marcuccipolitical activist who fought against ISIS in Syria alongside the Ypjthe Kurdish female fighters, and the journalist Federico Rampini on the conditions that the Born accepted to have the ok Turkey at the entrance to the Sweden and Finland.According to Rampini, it is a necessary … Read more

Oki, the most used anti-inflammatory: does it really hurt? The answer is not obvious

Oki the most used anti inflammatory does it really hurt The

Among the most used over-the-counter drugs, many wonder whether Oki is bad for you or not. Well the answer is not obvious. Used to solve several common ailments, theOki does it hurt or can it be taken without any kind of problem? So let’s go into the details and see everything there is to know … Read more

Meteorites are a real threat: the answer of the experts

Are meteorites dangerous? Celestial bodies have always been studied and yet there is still a lot to discover. In 2016 it was calculated that the number of celestial bodies in motion discovered by humans is around 60%, this means that about 40% of the bodies approaching our planet Earth have not yet been discovered and … Read more

Hot milk or cold milk, whichever is more bad for your health, the unexpected answer

Hot milk or cold milk whichever is more bad for

Home ” Hot milk or cold milk, whichever is more bad for your health, the unexpected answer Cold or hot milk, which is most bad for your health? The question that everyone is asking. We try to provide you with a satisfactory answer. Cold or hot milk (Pixabay) Cold or hot milk, which is most … Read more