Apple Watch Ultra is on sale today, how to choose the right model

Apple Watch Ultra is on sale today how to choose

Watch Ultra arrives on sale today, the smartwatch with which Apple takes Garmin head on. Introduced three weeks ago, the watch differs significantly from previous models (but also from the new Watch Series 8, presented at the same event). The differences are many and point in one direction: finally to offer a watch that covers … Read more

iPhone: la guida all’acquisto degli smartphone Apple per ogni fascia di prezzo

iPhone la guida allacquisto degli smartphone Apple per ogni fascia

Quando si deve acquistare un nuovo iPhone, spesso ci si trova in difficoltà su quale modello scegliere. Apple negli anni ha rilasciato moltissimi smartphone, che nel tempo si sono collocati in diverse fasce di prezzo. Il supporto software con gli aggiornamenti iOS mantiene vivi anche i dispositivi più datati. Questo è un enorme punto di … Read more

Apple, how much do you cost me? Storage in the fridge is too expensive, producers should almost throw them away

Apple how much do you cost me Storage in the

Apples, nobody wants them. The processing industry has a surplus. The cold stores that store them for the winter cannot guarantee a seasonal price. Large-scale distribution must deal with consumption at stake. The European markets have been invaded by Moldovan and Turkish production which was previously directed to Russia. The exorbitant costs and the year … Read more

New Apple Watch Ultra with 49mm case, new design and more

New Apple Watch Ultra with 49mm case new design and

Apple announced today Apple Watch Ultrawhich offers a new new design and a wide range of features designed for endurance, exploration and adventure. Apple Watch Ultra features a 49 mm titanium case it’s a flat sapphire front glass making it the largest and brightest Apple Watch display ever. A new customizable Action button offers instant … Read more

Apple event, the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch 8 arrive: the live broadcast

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

iPhone 14 and more: all the news and products presented by Apple at the most important event of the year 19.28 – The real news: the Apple Watch Ultra Let’s enter the segment dedicated to Apple Watch Ultra, the real novelty of Apple watches. It is introduced by talking about athletes engaged in endurance races … Read more

iPhone 14, Watch 8 e molto altro: ecco cosa presenterà Apple all’evento del 7 settembre

iPhone 14 Watch 8 e molto altro ecco cosa presentera

La presentazione degli iPhone 14 Series ma anche degli Apple Watch serie 8, del nuovo Watch 8 Pro e degli AirPods Pro 2 prevista per il prossimo 7 settembre ossia domani. S, alle ore 19 di domani avremo la possibilit di scoprire cosa ha in serbo Apple per il mondo della tecnologia e soprattutto potremo … Read more

Steve Jobs, the man who changed the whole world with his Apple

Steve Jobs the man who changed the whole world with

The road to becoming a legend is full of pitfalls, gear changes, strenuous climbs, brief moments of glory and steep descents into the deepest abyss. If we were to describe the career of Steve Jobs with an image, this would resemble the most classic roller coaster: given up for adoption by his biological mother, the … Read more

iPhone 14, Apple could increase the price by 15% (the most expensive would reach 2,149 euros)

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

Analysts predict that the increase will lead to a higher access price for those who want the smartphone: at least 1,032 euros The iPhone 14 will arrive only in September but we are already discussing prices. According to analysts, the new range distinguished by larger photographic module and notch divided in two could suffer even … Read more

Apple partners with Kim Kardashian on Beats headphones

Apple partners with Kim Kardashian on Beats headphones

Kim Kardashian broke the news in her own way, obviously on Instagram where she has an audience of possible buyers equal to 328 million people. “I am very happy to share with you the news that the Beatsbydre win 3 neutral colors Beats Fit Pro will arrive, designed by me! I can’t wait for you … Read more

The Apple Watch Series 8 will be able to detect the anomalous temperature of the wearer: the indiscretions

New obligation imposed by Europe on all cars

To reiterate the indiscretion is Mark Gurman on Bloomberg: the new wearable will not indicate a precise fever value, but will only recommend the use of a thermometer The new Apple Watch Series 8 expected this fall could take another step forward in terms of monitoring the user’s health and well-being. According to Mark Gurman … Read more