Harry and Meghan furious: Charles III has stripped their children of the title of ‘Royal Highness’. Here’s what not having it means for Archie and Lilibet – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Harry and Meghan furious Charles III has stripped their children

Can one become a prince already knowing that he can never be called His Royal Highness in life? It is the fate that touches Archie and Lilibeti children of Harry and Meghan, who will already “suffer” from this deprivation as children. Anyone who thinks that these are only obsolete formulas, fairy tale salamons, historical reminiscences, … Read more

Queen Elizabeth and the royal titles, from William and Kate to Archie and Lilibet: this is how the Royal Family changes

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

After the death of the Queen Elizabethhere is that i real titles of the family undergo changes. The Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton from today they will be called respectively Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge. The title that belonged to will be inherited Camilla,which, now, will become Queen consort of the … Read more